Learn Security Online Announces New Training Methods

Formerly RootWars.org - a website purely focused on hacking competitions is now back after a complete make-over as LearnSecurityOnline.com using simulators, security games, and challenge servers to teach computer security.

(PRWEB) January 14, 2005 -- Learn Security Online has been founded to provide both IT Professionals and IT Security Professionals with the most up to date security information/resources and inovative training. Utilizing highly interactive online computer security training methods such as simulators, security games, and hacking challenge servers provide website members with a hands-on means of becoming security conscious IT professionals, and highly competent security professionals.

Member Services
Learn Security Online, Inc. provides the following services to its website members:

Articles & Tutorials
Learn Security Online provides articles and tutorials to teach the fundamentals of different operating systems, networking, programming, and security concepts.

Simulators & Games
Learn Security Online also offers web-based simulators, and online games to teach the fundamentals of different operating systems, networking, programming, and security concepts. A strong understanding of these subjects is absolutely critical to being a competent IT and IT security professional.

Security Challenge Servers
Learn Security Online also offers level-based challenge servers which are actually live servers that have been modified to allow members to perform security exploits (hacks) to progress through the levels of the game as a means of learning security in safe environment. Tips, hints, and various other resources are provided to help website members progress through the levels of the server.

Learn Security Online offers self-paced and instructor-led online courses with realistic lab exercises designed to teach modern hacking techniques, and their mitigation strategies. In contrast to other training companies that offer one-day to one-week classroom courses Learn Security Online, Inc. courses are four to six weeks long with much more lab time than other training companies. This training model allows Learn Security Online members to get a deeper level of understanding with much more hands-on experience.

Learn Security Online, Inc. will offer a lab environment of different operating systems, and computer/network hardware where members will be given remote access to so they can experiment with and practice attacking and defending the systems on the network at their leisure.

Learn Security Online teaches security the only way you can really learn it - by doing it.

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