Great Product Management Begins With Certification

The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) awards CPM credential to leaders in product management. Next testing opportunity is October 4 and 5, 2004 in Los Angeles, California.

Sacramento, CA (PRWEB) September 8, 2004 -- The database of leaders in product management is growing as another class of experienced product managers was granted the title Certified Product Manager (CPM) by the industry certifying body, the Association of International Product Marketing and Management. The candidates completed the exam at the AIPMM Educational Workshop in San Diego, California and represented companies from industries as diverse as manufacturing, enterprise software, and travel to list a few.

The next certification opportunity is the AIPMM Educational Workshop and Certification Exam, which will be held in Los Angeles, CA on October 4 and 5, 2004. For more information go to

“The Certification is like an insurance policy for both company and PM. It takes away a lot of the risk in hiring for such a critical position” states Alyssa Dver, CPM/CPMM author of the book “Software Product Management Essentials: a hands-on guide for small and midsize businesses” and writer for BusinessWeek Magazine.

The Certified Product Manager (CPM) and Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM) credential granted by the AIPMM crosses industry barriers as it focuses on competencies and skills considered best practices throughout many disciplines. Companies benefit from the value a well-trained product professional adds to their bottom line. By capitalizing on market opportunities, contributing to sales targets, developing and executing a strategic plan a product professional is the driving force behind a product's success. The CPM or CPMM credential ensures these professionals have not only a working knowledge of best practices but practical application skills as well.

Through the CPM and CPMM program, individuals have the opportunity to pursue continuing education, and increase industry involvement and industry-wide recognition by achieving the Certified designation. Candidates for certification must be members in good standing of the AIPMM, have a high level of work and educational experience, and pass a written exam. To maintain their certification, CPMs and CPMMs must periodically refresh their knowledge in specific competencies and skills and provide documentation of professional development. Only those individuals who successfully complete the application process and continue to be in compliance with all program requirements may call themselves Certified Product Managers or Certified Product Marketing Managers.

Since it’s founding in 1998 the AIPMM has established itself as a valuable resource for product professionals with information, news, training, placement assistance, and research data. With a member base of over 4,100 individuals and companies spanning the globe, the AIPMM membership represents the entire spectrum of the product marketing and management industry including pharmaceutical, technology, health care, and automotive, as well as providers of products and services.

For more information on the AIPMM or the Certified Product Manager or Certified Product Marketing Manager program or upcoming workshops, go to

The Association of International Product Marketing and Management is dedicated to serving the needs of product professionals and their employers by providing focused and strategic information, training and networking. There are currently over 3,000 members worldwide. AIPMM's team continues to strive to identify, unify, support and represent the global community of product marketing management professionals utilizing state-of the-art the technologies such as online electronic publishing as well as the traditional methods of networking, conferences and seminars. AIPMM also continues to increase the ways in which product management contributes to the achievement of corporate business objectives through many corporate services and training partnerships. For more information on issues concerning product managers, product marketing managers, and their companies visit

About Alyssa Dver
Alyssa Dver, CPM, CPMM is author of “Software Product Management Essentials: a hands-on guide for small and midsize businesses”. Alyssa is also CMO for CRM software provider SEDONA Corporation and CEO of Wander Wear Inc., a company specializing in products to help keep children safe in crowds. She is a special section writer for BusinessWeek Magazine and is often published and quoted in various industry publications. She is a frequently requested speaker and consultant on topics including product management, child safety, CRM and The Real Time Enterprise. Contact Alyssa at e-mail protected from spam bots. View Alyssa’s article on product management on the AIPMM website

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