Creative Marketing Gifts Targeting IT/Networking/Telecom Professionals

Javvin's unique design of marketing gifts and sales tools helped IT/Networking/Telecom industry leaders such as Cisco, Extreme, SurfCotnrol to reach their target customers.

(PRWEB) January 20, 2005 -- Still giving customers mugs and T-shirts in tradeshows, seminars, trainings and other events? Think again. Javvin provides creative and unique marketing gifts and sales tools for IT and networking software, hardware, information and service companies to reach their targeted customers effectively and to make a long lasting impression.

Some sample Javvin items are:
Protocol Map poster: Javvin will customize it to become your marketing and sales tool. IT/Networking engineers and students will hand it on their wall for years. This item can be used as a marketing gift item for leads generation, customer appreciation and brand enhancement.

Screensaver: Javvin designs special screensavers and wall-papers interested by IT/Networking professionals and students, who will display Javvin's art on their computer screens for months or years. This item, bundled with your product demo and marketing messages, can be widely downloaded on Internet to build your product awareness, enhance your company brand and create traffic to your websites.

Calendar: Javvin designs unique calendars for IT/Networking professionals, who will use it daily for a whole year. This item can be used as a gift item for leads generation, customer appreciation and brand enhancement.

"Javvin's uniquely designed marketing gifts and sales tools have helped many IT/Networking industry leaders such as Cisco Press, Extreme Networks, SurfCotnrol, etc. to approach their target customers." said Dr. Jielin Dong, President of Javvin Technologies, Inc. "Our customers tell us that the quality of the leads attracted by the Javvin Items is much higher than other promotional items can do, because only target customers, rather than every Joe on the street, could appreciate the item." Dr. Dong, a seasoned marketing executive with years of working experience in industry leaders such as Cisco and Lucent, is pleased with the values that Javvin can bring to its customers.

The following are some comments from Javvin customers:
"I am in charge of marketing for a network software company. I use the Javvin's Map of Communication Protocols as a promotional gift in seminars, trade shows and training events - customers love it! I also use it as a lead generation gift on the web. I generated 4000 high quality leads in one month! Javvin people customized the poster for us and it looks like a genuine gift from my company. Very good return of investment!"

"We are doing telecom and datacomm training. We order the Network Communication Protocols Map for all students. We also use it as a promotional item for leads generation. The Map is very illustrative for students to get an overall picture of networking and communications quickly - a very good supplementary tool for our classes."

"We publish a technical title in the networking and computing field. Using the items designed by Javvin with relevant technical information as the promotional gifts, we attracted many high quality subscribers."    

Javvin Technologies Inc., based at the Silicon Valley of California USA, is a leading company in IT/Networking/Telecom information products.

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Javvin Company

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