Get the training you need from a professional trainer without leaving your home or business! Anytime, anywhere, from any computer with a broadband Internet connection.

Geeks In A Flash! has launched a new remote training service that users are rushing to sign up for. The service cost as little as $89 and users with a broadband connection can be trained from the comfort of their very own computer or any computer with a broadband connection.

Wilmington, NC (PRWEB) August 17, 2004 -- Today Geeks In A Flash! www., "The 24x7 Help Desk to the Internet Community", launched a new remote training service. Company officials noticed an increase in the number of requests for training and decided that based on the company's business model, this was a perfect fit.

"We are an online services company that is in the business of helping Internet users with problems pertaining to malicious attacks from hackers, spammers, and Spyware threats." says Manuel Lloyd, the CEO of Geeks In A Flash!

Lloyd has stated that many users wanted to empower themselves so that they can cut down on support fees that local computer repair shops charge while possibly keeping the user's computer for days at a time. "Most Internet users highly depend on their email, Internet browsing, research, and many are remote users needing to connect to a company Intranet. Not having their PC could mean lost revenue, productivity, or even plain old fun" say Lloyd.

"We already provide the fastest online support on the Internet by having an online help desk that allows users to log in a problem and within minutes, a Geek is helping them to the road to recovery by remotely troubleshooting and repairing the problems. By leveraging the same technology, we have already begun training users on applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, Web browsing, advanced email features and more" Lloyd continues.

Using the Internet for remote repairing, learning, and other uses has gained more popularity these days as the Internet has become safer with firewalls and other security tools. But Lloyd warns that users should always remember the "Buyer beware" mindset.

"Make sure your are working with a credible company, that not only has real referrals, good credibility, and ethical practices, but one that has the proven experience to get your problems solved" says Mr. Lloyd, who himself boast 15 years of experience with big companies such as IBM, Coke, Dominos, Pizza, HP, and others.

At one point, Mr. Lloyd worked for Camp David during President Regan's term and obtained a Top Secrete Security Clearance.

We live in a "microwave minute" world where things have to be done now, and Geeks In A Flash! appears to be a company on the rise who provides hardware, software, and Internet; now training, support all over the Internet within minutes of contacting them.

Geeks In A Flash! also has a toll free 24x7 line 888.211.1623 that users can call to speak with a "Live Geek" as they put it, which can help you over the phone or you can schedule an onsite visit. Their email address is e-mail protected from spam bots.

Lloyd emphasized that just because we live in a "microwave minute" society, users should still do research as much as possible on their own. We will be glad to help anyone that entrust us with their system, but doing some good old fashion research always helps."

About Geeks In A Flash!

Geeks In A Flash! is a 24 hour computer help desk, dedicated to helping the Internet community fight problems pertaining to malicious attacks from hackers, spammers, and Spyware threats such as virus, popup ads, spam, key logger, and other computer crimes.

Geeks In A Flash! provides free anti virus, anti Spyware, anti popup ad, anti spam, and anti key logger tools to help Internet users work without malice interruptions.

Geeks In A Flash! supports home office, small office, and small to medium sized enterprises. Geeks In A Flash! provides remote assistance so that your can get your problems resolved within minutes, not hours or days.

Geeks In A Flash! are fully staffed and also offer a 24 hour live help desk for support and training.

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