Information Security and Mobile Devices: Web-Based End-User Training from Cosaint

More and more people are using mobile devices such as laptop computers, PDA's and keyfob USB drives at work. This creates major problems as sensitive information leaves the controlled environment of the office and can be lost, stolen or corrupted. Cosaint's latest web-based training course - "Information Security and Mobile Devices" - is designed to make users of mobile devices more aware of the information security issues and their role in preventing them, highlighting areas of concern when using mobile devices, and explaining preventative measures. This course is a vital part of a comprehensive security solution for any organization with staff using mobile devices.

(PRWEB) August 2, 2005 -- Cosaint ( - a Mount Vernon (WA) based company specializing in end-user security awareness training has announced the release of "Information Security and Mobile Devices" - a web-based training course designed to help organizations educate users of laptops, cellphones and PDA's about the risks that they face and the preventative measures that they should be taking.

Mobile devices such as laptop computers, cellphones, keyfob USB drives and PDA's can make life much easier. But they also create serious information security risks since users may be taking sensitive information outside the carefully controlled office environment. And the consequences can be severe: over the last few years, examples have included a CEO losing a laptop containing company secrets and a financial services company losing information on 200,000 customers as well as the millions of dollars spent each year on replacing laptops and cellphones that have been dropped!

"Information Security and Mobile Devices" is a short (approximately 30 minute) course ideal for mobile workers such as sales staff or field engineers. We start by defining what we mean by "mobile devices" - including many devices that the students might not have thought of - and discuss why they pose a particular security problem. Then, we address security threats that an end-user may experience during normal use of these devices such as:

* viruses and the use of antivirus software
* what firewalls do and why they are used
* the dangers of wireless networks
* shoulder surfing and overheard cellphone conversations in public places

Next, we discuss the risk of loss or damage to mobile devices that might impact information confidentiality, integrity and/or availability including:

* theft and where it is likely to occur
* using passwords and encryption (where possible) to protect data
* the damage caused by devices being dropped
* carrying bags for laptops that are too obvious
* caring for data disks, CD's and DVD's
* how harsh environmental conditions can affect mobile devices

The course concludes with a short multiple-choice quiz to test the students' mastery of the subject.

"Information Security and Mobile Devices" is available today through Cosaint's hosted learning management system (LMS), or can be provided in SCORM/AICC format for hosting on a client's own LMS. It can also be customized to meet a client's specific needs. Pricing varies with number of students please contact Cosaint for more details.


Cosaint was formed in 2001 to provide information security training solutions focusing on education of end-users. Cosaint's courses are now used in a wide range of sectors including healthcare, banking and insurance, government, and consumer goods.

Cosaint's courses can be provided through a hosted LMS, as SCORM/AICC conformant courses for a client's own LMS, or as classroom sessions. All courses can be customized to suit specific client requirements, and new courses can be developed to cover key issues as required.

Cosaint's hosted LMS also provides an automated Security Reminder System, and a policy affirmation function which makes it ideal in industry sectors requiring a solution that will demonstrate compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, GLB-A, Sarbanes-Oxley or the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Standards.

If you're interested in finding out more about the services that Cosaint can offer, please contact us at:

Cosaint Inc.
(+1) 360 542 5308

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