Is the Game in HDTV? HD Sports Guide Has the Answer

Sports fans often find it difficult to determine which sporting events will be televised in high definition television (HDTV). HD Sports Guide is an online publication that solves this problem by offering free and easy to use program guides. HD Sports Guide also keeps readers informed about relevant news related to sporting events being televised in HDTV.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) July 28, 2005 -- As high definition television (HDTV) becomes more prevalent, more and more sports fans want to know which sporting events will be televised in HDTV. Some HDTV sports fans waste hours a week checking out all of the different television network websites trying to figure out which games will be in HDTV.

Most new HDTV owners did the research, got the HDTV, set up the surround sound, and then flipped on the game. Frequently, they are disappointed when they tune to a game the TV guide says is on an HDTV channel only to find out the game is there, but it has bars on the sides and clearly is not in HDTV. Some new HDTV owners have even had the experience of inviting all their friends over to watch the game on their new HDTV only to be embarrassed when they realized that the game is not in HDTV. Others did not know the difference and mistakenly felt like they wasted their money because the picture isn't much better than what they had before.

HD Sports Guide solves these problems. HD Sports Guide is a free and easy to use online publication that gives sports fans a 14-day program guide listing the live sporting events that will be televised in HDTV. HD Sports Guide includes listings from both national networks and select regional sports networks. HD Sports Guide also has listings sorted by sport. This means if readers only want to know about a particular sport, they can just go straight to that schedule. HD Sports Guide has sport specific schedules for Major League Baseball, the NBA, NCAA Basketball, the NFL, College Football, Major League Soccer, Golf, Auto Racing, and an Other category that is a catchall for sporting events like boxing and tennis. HD Sports Guide also keeps readers up to date with the latest HD Sports related news.

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