Compulogic Door Guard Remote Base Station Intruder Detector and Site Monitor, Simple Deployment GSM Alarm Unit, Features Web Connectivity

The Compulogic DoorGuard provides an immediate security alert via its inbuilt GSM communications capability in the event that remote sites, for example a radio base station is illegally accessed. The Door Guard unit can additionally be used to monitor temperature and other conditions at the base station.

(PRWEB) December 2, 2004 -- The Compulogic Door Guard uniquely provides a compact and simple solution to the problem of automatically monitoring and controlling equipment on remote base station sites. Featuring a built-in tri band GSM modem and optional built-in web server, the unit can be used to rapidly implement a powerful remote monitor and control network.

Robustly packaged in an aluminium enclosure, complete with an integrated tri band GSM modem, the Compulogic Door Guard can be rapidly deployed to assist in providing remote base station security and equipment control. The unit features simple and flexible configuration, available with a variety of optional interface cards to enable simple connections to a range of digital and analogue inputs and outputs; all Door Guard units are equipped with sensors for remote temperature measurement.

The Compulogic Door Guard is capable of monitoring battery, AC power and other conditions, in addition to signalling security contacts and equipment via it's built-in GSM modem.

The unit also features an integrated web server option with a miniature, self-contained web server allowing remote access to the site via an available TCP/IP path. If selected, the web server module provides a simple method for monitoring and controlling remote location equipment via a browser interface. Multiple sites can be monitored and controlled as the web server can also support the SNMP protocol, making the Door Guard a simple and inexpensive method for implementing remote base station monitor and control for all scales of project, from a single site to a large network of sites.

Compulogic Ltd is a UK based solutions specialist dedicated to providing innovative data communications based solutions. Compulogicís PicoServ technology platform delivers rapid implementation of communications solutions for security, utility and other industries.

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