Sea Box Inc. Provides Instant Shelters for Use in the Aftermath of a Natural Disaster, War or Refugee Situation

Insulated accommodation units, easily prepared for quick installation and use in crisis locations, are now available from US container specialists Sea Box, Inc.

East Riverton, NJ (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) February 8, 2005 -- A solution to the urgent need for habitable shelters – especially in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster and in war or refugee situations – has been developed by container specials supplier Sea Box, Inc, of East Riverton, NJ.

By utilizing ISO shipping containers to build the shelters, they can be transported quickly and efficiently - by land or sea - to the required destination.

Once on-site, the shelters can be rapidly fitted out using unskilled labor and connected to local power supplies. In addition to being easily handled and transported, they offer high insulation values and require minimal modification to the container.

Two types of shelter are available from Sea Box - one based on an existing insulated container; and a second, using its ShelterPAK kit, which is based on a standard dry freight container.

By using an already insulated container, the only modification required is to fit an entrance panel in the door-frame. This panel is supplied by Sea Box ready for installation, and comes complete with a screen/exterior door combination already fitted. The entry panel is fitted with a Utility Panel for electrical connections and other services such as air-conditioning, ventilation and communications. During normal use, the outer door of the container is tied back to permit easy entrance, but the container door can be closed and locked when it is not being used. Sea Box has several hundred insulated containers available for immediate delivery.

The second shelter system solution offered by Sea Box involves the use of its ShelterPAK Kit, which enables a standard dry freight intermodal container to be transformed into an insulated, habitable, shelter at very low cost. The kit consists of light weight, interlocking, insulated panels that “snap-in” to the container walls and roof forming an almost “instant” shelter. The panels consist of pre-finished metal “skins” (aluminum or steel) sandwiching an insulated “core”. As with the insulated containers, a ready-made entrance panel is then fitted into the door frame of the container, and the shelter can be secured by closing the container’s cargo doors.

Apart from a few small wood screw-holes in the timber floor of the container, no other container modification is required. Sea Box explains that two people with cordless screwdrivers can convert a 20ft container into an insulated shelter in about two hours. Up to 8 ShelterPAKs can be transported inside a single 20ft container or 16 in a 40ft box. Where necessary, the ShelterPAK can be pre-packaged for dropping in by air.

Sea Box manufactures and custom modifies all types of ISO cargo containers and flatracks. These containers are modified into personnel shelters, shelters for disaster victims, and shelters to support homeland security projects. The company also designs new ISO containers for military requirements such as the Container Roll-In/Out Platform (CROP), advanced aircraft pallets and the TACOM container project.

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