Gambling linked to Lonliness and Isolation for Many Boomers and Seniors.

50plus Online Magazine ( reports on a recent study that found that middle-aged to older citizens are among the fastest growing group who gamble -- sometimes for fun but sometimes to relieve feelings of isolation and loneliness.

(PRWEB) July 12, 2005 -- The current edition of 50plus Online Magazine ( reveals that according to a recent study made by McNeilly and Burke, people 50+ (women in particular), are the fastest growing segment of the gambling population.

For some, it’s just fun, plain and simple. But sometimes, the report states, gambling seems to be a way to ease feelings of isolation, loneliness or boredom.

“Apparently, that must include a lot of people,” says Gary Geyer, editor of 50plus Online Magazine.“

"Older adults make up the largest age group of annual visitors to Las Vegas and have become a significant segment of the population who frequent riverboats and Indian reservations to gamble, as well,” adds Geyer.

50plus Online Magazine says this information is readily available to the powers that be in the gaming industry and they use it to their advantage. It's a well known fact --Older adults have two characteristics that make them attractive -- time, and for many, accumulated wealth.

Geyer continues:“To lure older adults, casinos often provide big band music, champagne fountains and free shrimp cocktails. The casino’s staff is trained to be friendly and especially accommodating to older citizens. And those buffets are hard to resist.”

For those gambling, that’s all well and good when things are going well. However problems can occur when losses are more than anticipated. More time and attention are needed as the gambler attempts to win back what he or she has lost. This can lead to selling possessions or property or risky high interest loans to cover expenses.

50plus Online Magazine reports that according to a Forbes magazine article, Americans lose more money gambling each year than they spend on movie tickets, theme parks, spectator sports and video games combined. “Incredible!,” says Geyer.

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Gary Geyer is founder, editor and publisher of 50plus Online Magazine as well as President and Creative Director of Alive & Kicking Advertising — a marketing company that specializes in the 50+ market.

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