Clothing Optional Comes to Sequoia Land

Enjoy the eccentricities of life -- time with the oldest living entity on the plant, the Giant Sequoia trees, the chatter of hummingbirds, the flow of a mountain river, snowcap mountains, stars in the night sky, deep tissue massage, yoga and be yourself -- au natural -- at Organic Gardens Retreat.

(PRWEB) July 21, 2005 -- Shed the incessant demands of your life and live, if only briefly, among the Sequoias, the oldest living entities on the planet. Listen. Walk around the lush meadows where bears feed. Hike the spectacular trails of the Giant Forest; picnic at waterfalls and be astounded at the granite cliffs of the southern Sierras. Spend time at one of the many mountain streams and see mama duck lead her six goslings through the rapids, their brown and white tuffs barely visible above the current’s swell. Meditate in your fashion. That’s for daytime.

Return to Organic Gardens Retreat. Shed the clothes that bind. Relax, be comfortable. The grace of the natural world here nourishes one’s spirit, one’s soul. The humming birds drink from the trumpet shaped flowers of Texas Hummingbird Sage and the red tailed hawk and her partner ride the thermals above. Sit on the deck au natural, contemplate the amazing shades of green of the native trees and the lushness of the organic gardens, watch the mountains change colors at sunset and anticipate the full brilliance of the night stars, for there is no ambient light here. The Milky Way is directly above and shooting stars are common. Please see:

To aid in putting aside the incessant demands you make upon yourself and on those with whom you live and work, certified practitioners of massage, cranial sacral, yoga and acupuncture are available at the Retreat to aid in this process. A redwood soaking hot tub nestled among native oaks carries it further. The object is to shed the accumulated stress pressing on the spirit and the body.

Four hours from Los Angles and four hours from the Bay Area, Organic Gardens Retreat is located on five acres at 1000 feet in the Sierra Nevadas, five minutes from entrance to Sequoia National Park. The tops of the Giant Sequoia and snowcap Sierras are visible from the decks surrounding three sides of the main building. Middle fork of the Kaweah River is below. Native oaks, Manzanitas, Redbud and Buckeye dominate the landscape…except in February and March when the wildflowers are literally everywhere.

The Accommodations at the Retreat include The Cottage with its efficiency kitchen and redwood deck and The Garden Room overlooking the organic raised beds in back. Each room benefits from the soothing breeze during the day and the cool downdraft from the Sequoias at night. Each is tiled with private bath and entrance. There is also a fully equipped kitchen for your use. And, if you must, there is computer access!

Organic Gardens as a Retreat is new. For the past 10 years it has been a bed and breakfast providing organic, vegetarian, vegan and food for special diets. Guests visited from all parts of the world and most lived very gently upon the planet. The owner works as a documentary photographer and an historian. Increasingly, she spends most of her daytime in the Central Valley working with migrant women to develop their photographic and organizational skills. At the end of the day, it is time to shed and to relax, be comfortable. It works!

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