Electrophysics® Awarded Contract For Seven High Performance Infrared Cameras By Naval Air Warfare Center (NAVAIR) Weapons Division, China Lake

Emerald InSb based IR cameras to be integrated into MANPAD (Man Portable Air Defense) Program.

Fairfield, NJ (PRWEB) May 4, 2005 -- Electrophysics, a leader in infrared imaging solutions, is pleased to announce that it has recently been awarded a contract by NAVAIR Weapons Division, China Lake, for a total of seven Emerald MWIR-InSb infrared cameras. The cameras will be integrated into NAVAIR’s MANPAD program, designed specifically for force protection.

NAVAIR, a military leader in the research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) of guided missiles, advanced weapons, and weapon systems, provides the operating forces of the Navy and Marine Corps, other activities of the U.S. Armed Forces, and foreign allies with effective and affordable integrated warfare systems and life-cycle support to ensure battlespace dominance. NAVAIR features several locations across the United States and employs nearly 32,000 military and civilian employees, manages approximately 150 acquisition programs and maintains over 4,100 aircraft in active inventory, including 96 individual type/model/series.

By arranging the cameras in a circumference, NAVAIR will create a highly advanced measure of force protection from MANPAD systems. With the use of special stitching software, each camera will be used to produce a 360° Field of View capable of detecting the infrared signatures of shoulder fired missiles and small arms fire, the most common forms of MANPAD. Upon detection, the information would immediately data linked to deployed aircraft which can execute appropriate countermeasures.    

Each Emerald features a large format 640x512 focal plane array, is responsive in the 3-5 µm wavelength “midwave” band and exhibits a typical NETD figure of less than 20mK, which allows users to detect minute temperature differences at great distances. The Emerald MWIR also incorporates a 14 bid digital output which will be directly interfaced into a custom software program. In addition, the Emerald’s compact one-piece design improves the overall portability of the system.

Headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, Electrophysics develops advanced near infrared, night vision and thermal imaging systems for use in a host of imaging applications. Since 1969, Electrophysics has maintained its focus on delivering products that reflect the company’s exceptional engineering capabilities to meet specific real world demands while keeping pace with rapidly evolving imaging technologies. The Company has realized exceptional growth as a result of its customer-centric philosophy and remains firmly committed to continually innovating its products in order to enhance the experience of end-users. Electrophysics is vertically integrated with expertise in complex signal processing, optics, embedded software, PC software applications development and hardware design.

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/5/prweb236229.htm