Releases New Betting Exchange for Online Gambling

Unlike traditional sportsbooks, betting exchanges increase the odds and resemble real-life betting situations.

(PRWEB) February 19, 2005 -- Silva’s Global Entertainment, SA, a company settled in Costa Rica and formed by European entrepreneurs with several years of experience as punters, announces the launch of the new betting exchange BetFit, available at Betfit’s present goal is to attract clients of the traditional sportsbooks who understand the way betting exchanges operate and are willing to benefit from those advantages, as well as aim at the already installed betting exchanges markets and online gamblers.

Executive Director of, Ricardo Silva, explained, “A betting exchange is a facility where consumers place bets between each other on the outcome of a certain event. Like real world bets about the outcome of a certain game, one person bets on a certain outcome and another bets against it. Consumers do not bet with the fixed odds offered by a traditional sportsbook. On the contrary, they negotiate the prices of their own bets, thus obtaining better odds. With betting exchanges, consumers make more profits and have more fun.”

The betting industry was shaken with the introduction of the betting exchange industry. Gamblers’ betting patterns and habits rapidly changed when they received the ability to bet against the outcomes of certain events, which is not available with traditional sportsbooks. A new era began, changing the betting industry forever and even changing the name of the “sportsbooks” to “traditional sportsbooks,” in order to differentiate from the new ones.

Changes are also being made in the new betting exchange industry as well. Being new, there is a lot to expand and to develop. An increasing number of traditional sportsbook clients are changing to the new betting system, and traditional sportsbooks themselves are using the concept in order to makeup from the bets accepted from their clients. The market is growing on a daily basis, and demand increases proportionally.

About BefFit
BetFit’s software has a user-friendly interface and was launched in the first day of the Chinese New Year of the Rooster, in February 9, 2005. A new, more powerful and featured version of the betting exchange software platform will be released in mid-2005, allowing multilingual capabilities and multi-currency betting among others features. Some of these new features have never before been seen in this industry and will revolutionize the way it operates.

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