Launch of the “Grand Prix Game” by Malaki Sporting Games plc

Malaki Sporting Games plc has launched the Grand Prix Game, an exciting new skill-based game based on one of the world's most popular sports. The game provides exclusive sports content, and a chance of winning a cash jackpot and runners up prizes.

(PRWEB) March 6, 2005 -- Malaki Sporting Games today announced the global launch of the GrandPrixGame at This game allows Grand Prix fans to test their skills against other fans from around the world. The game is simple and inexpensive to play, and gives players the potential to win a cash jackpot and runners up prizes. For Grand Prix fans, this interactive game highlights the unpredictability of F1 races, and provides real entertainment for even the most casual spectator.

The GrandPrixGame is the first in a number of games being launched by Malaki Sporting Games, and works around the results of individual Formula One races. Currently there are 19 GP races each season and there is a new game for each one.

The GrandPrixGame is now LIVE, having received entries since 17th February, and will be running throughout the entire 2005 Grand Prix season.

"A beautifully simple and exciting idea with massive potential across several high profile international sporting events. M&C Saatchi are pleased to be involved." Michael Moszynski - Founding Partner of M&C Saatchi and CEO of Immediate Sales.

The challenge of the GrandPrixGame is to correctly choose which drivers will be the first six to cross the finish line. Winners share the global GrandPrixGame jackpot. Unlike fantasy games, the rules are simple and the entry price is low, which allows even the most casual F1 fan an opportunity to play. Each prediction costs just a £1, plus a web or call charge. The £1 from each prediction is added directly to the global jackpot. For example, if ten million predictions are made, the jackpot is £10 million.

Similar to lottery jackpots around the world, the GrandPrixGame jackpot continues to grow if no one correctly predicts the top six drivers, as a “roll over” occurs. Depending on the number of entrants and the number of rollovers during the season, the jackpot total could be quite large, which will create enormous extra interest and publicity in the game.

In addition to the cash jackpot there are runners-up gifts and promotional prizes. You can win prizes such as membership to’s Premium Club, a subscription to F1 Racing magazine, Grand Prix tickets, and a great “Drive a Ferrari for a Day” prize.

Entrants do not need to pre-register or enrol, nor is an “e-wallet” or up-front deposit required. The GrandPrixGame is “instant play” – entrants need only a valid credit card and an email address.

From virtually any country in the world, people with access to the internet can play the GrandPrixGame. In the UK, players can also play on our dedicated phone service on 09051 680 780, and enter their predictions using state-of-the-art IVR technology. Coming shortly, players will be able to SMS text message their entries using their mobiles.

In addition, UK TVs F1 pit lane reporter, Louise Goodman, will be providing a season of exclusive F1 content which can be downloaded from Her pre-season review is available now, and she will be providing pre- and post-race reviews for each of the 2005 Grand Prixs in order to keep players up to date with driver and track news, rule changes and Grand Prix events.

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