Gamblers Need More Than Money to Win Online is the odds-on favourite to streamline betting strategies and automate revenue flows for Internet gamers and betting exchange traders

(PRWEB) February 25, 2005 -- These days you can "trade like a bookmaker using powerful tools that will back for you, lay for you, analyse activity, forecast trends and ultimately, generate profits," says betting industry expert Lesley-Ann Graham. "It's now possible to automate your online betting strategies in ways that even the most successful financial stock traders would be envious of."

Graham's company,, provides a broad spectrum of betting solutions and custom software applications designed by the company's experienced development team to suit a client's specific gaming needs. The company's mission, says Graham, is to "form strategic alliances with our customers by providing expert help and advice, premium quality and reliable software solutions, combined with the highest level of customer support."

The website offers a broad spectrum of choices for consumers, but the "jewel in the crown" of is the X-Bot, the world's first completely automatic betting solution.

Automatic Betting Software

According to Graham,'s automatic betting software is a completely unique innovation. "We're at the forefront of an evolving modern technology," she says. "No one else has set up a website to educate Internet gamblers on the full spectrum of software solutions that are available to them."

Graham believes that has created a brand new niche by providing "guidance and advice on all aspects of software for the betting industries so our clients can find the most suitable and profitable solutions for their gaming needs." The company recommends software for a variety of different gambling and betting pursuits, but is especially useful to the needs of betting exchange traders and online poker players.

"In online gambling, streamlined processes translate directly into increased revenue," says Graham, "so can provide a significant 'edge' to our clients."

Birth of the 'Bot

In the simplest terms, "betting bots" are web-based and desktop software applications that scan bookmaker sites, betting exchanges, Internet casinos and poker rooms; analysing live data, performing functions, placing wagers and securing profits in order to streamline a gambler's overall betting strategy.

Graham says that was launched directly in response to the revolution in the way people bet in the 21st Century ... online and with betting exchanges. "With betting exchanges, people can bet against each other instead of betting directly with a bookmaker," explains Graham. "The exchange acts as a brokerage by allowing individual customers to act as the backer, layer, or in modern day terms "the trader". is the industry leader amongst betting exchanges, says Graham, but notes that a fast-growing number of betting exchanges, including Betting Pals, Tradbets, BetFanatic and Matchedbets, among others, are offering perks from free bets to 0%. "There are more exchanges coming online every day and they're drawing traders in record numbers," she reports.

In addition to eliminating bookmakers, exchanges permit in-running bets on the majority of horse races. However Graham believes that the real appeal of exchanges is the odds advantage you can achieve over traditional bookmakers and the very positive fact that "successful punters don't have to worry about having the size of their bets restricted."

More importantly, she says, armed with the solutions from, punters don't even have to worry about their bets. "That's because bots do all the hard work for you!"

The People Behind the Bots

Although it's the software at that tends to get the attention, Graham says it's her dynamic, innovative team that provides the real power of Team members were hand-selected for their strong academic backgrounds, advanced technical skills, and broad-based knowledge and experience.

"We have more than a decade in software development and our expert staffers are fully knowledgeable about all aspects of the betting and gaming industries," says Graham. "That makes ideally positioned to bring a unique blend of betting, gaming and IT experience to our client base."

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