Vipera Delivers a Provisioning Solution for Deploying Java Games to Mobile Phones

Vipera (TM) is the mobile applications network operator offering connectivity, application provisioning, billing and data transmission services. Vipera delivers a more lively user experience to the mobile world.

(PRWEB) May 26, 2005 -- Over-the-air provisioning is the process of downloading and installing J2ME applications such as Java Games on mobile phones. The piece of software infrastructure making provisioning possible is called a provisioning server. Provisioning servers are often compared with vending machines, allowing end users to pick mobile applications from a list of software choices, and having a software package customized for that particular mobile phone model installed over-the-air.

Vipera Inc., a leading mobile application network operator,
provides a ready-to-go provisioning solution allowing content providers to:
- Create software bundles compatible with the J2EE Client Provisioning Specification (JSR 124)
- Upload those bundles to the Vipera provisioning server
- Deliver bundles to mobile phones through WAP-Push
-Monitor the download of bundles
- Analyze HTTP request headers transmitted by mobile devices, for fine-tuning JSR 124 deployment descriptors.
- Integrate provisioning features into their own web portals.

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About Vipera:
Vipera Inc. is a privately held US company with offices in Zurich (CH), Milan (IT) and Palo Alto (CA).

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