Vietnam Veteran and Author, Bruce Goldwell, makes Agreement with Celtic Sorcery Productions in Australia for Dragon Keepers Masquerade Balls TM

Vietnam veteran Bruce Goldwell, author of the book 'The Door to Super Achievement', gives an Australian company the exclusive rights for Masquerade Balls to be held in the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK.

(PRWEB) June 17, 2005 -- Proving that the principles he shares in his first book works, Bruce Goldwell is already getting offers and making agreements for licensing based on a new story he is working on called ‘Dragon Keepers’. Celtic Sorcery Productions ( in Australia has acquired the exclusive rights to have Dragon Keepers Masquerade Balls TM based on a this story. Goldwell plans to have this book ready for bookstores nationwide by winter of 2005. Interested parties are already starting to contact Goldwell to establish contracts to manufacture products, provide services and even the possibility of producing a movie based on the story.

"The principles I share in the book ‘The Door to Super Achievement’ do work and I will be proving this over the next year or two by the very fact that I myself am achieving such great success", states Goldwell. "I learned some of the things I shared in my first book from some very successful people and now my life has been changed because of them and as a result others are starting benefit as well."

Goldwell hopes that there will be companies in the United States soon that will take an interest in this new book so that American workers will be able to benefit as well. Of course, once Celtic Sorcery Productions begins to set dates and locations for Dragon Keepers Masquerade Balls TM to be held in the USA, there will be people in who will benefit in ‘the land up yonder’. Goldwell is looking forward to lots of people being able to benefit financially from the success he is achieving through jobs that will be created and products and services they will be able to offer.

Two movie producers have written Goldwell asking for more information about 'Dragon Keepers'. Goldwell expects that soon he will have an agreement for a movie to be produced based on the storyline of this new book. While the book is not available yet, Goldwell registered a treatment based on the story a few months ago with the Writers Guild. He is sharing the synopsis of the story with interested parties in the hope of acquiring a producer soon.

“I am confident that I will find a producer who can make a movie for ‘Dragon Keepers’ that will meet the high expectations that audiences look for these days”, Goldwell said. “Once the agreement is made for the movie, I am confident things will move forward expeditiously.”

It was also an artist from Australia that contracted with Goldwell to do the illustrations for Goldwell’s new book. Goldwell made offers to several artists to do the illustrations based on a percentage of the royalties on the book. The artist in Australia accepted his offer and is currently working to complete the illustrations needed for publication. Goldwell hasn’t decided on a publisher yet and is expecting that more publishers will be contacting him soon to make offers for publication of the book.

“I am sure that everything will fall into place and that ‘Dragon Keepers’ will be the next big hit for teens and other audiences not only in the United States but worldwide”, Goldwell said.

People interested in contacting Goldwell about his new upcoming book should do so through the PRWEB secure mail server. For more information about his current books people can visit Goldwell’s web site at

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