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Greatest Computer Games CD-ROM brings All the Top Games Together in One Place.

(PRWEB) May 15, 2005 -- Finally, someone did it right. They put all the greatest computer games around today on a single CD ROM, and priced it so all us regular people could afford it. This new CD called “Greatest Computer Games Gold™” provides you with a complete library of the most fun, addictive, and impressive computer games around. This CD is packed with over 500 popular games, including the Top Ten for Microsoft Windows® in ten different categories.

These are:
Arcade Games, Action Games, Sports Games, Board Games, Card Games, Educational Games, Casino Games, Strategy Games, Puzzles Games and Crossword Games.

All the Best:
“Greatest Computer Games Gold™” is a goldmine for gamers and for the rest of us who occasionally need something to keep the kids or grandkids occupied. No matter what your gaming interest or age group, there is something on this CD ROM for you. You’ll find the classics, such as Pacman, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Wolf 3D, Descent and Doom, but it doesn’t stop there. No way.

This CD also includes the very latest in games, such as:
· Bejeweled
· Diggin’ Jim
· Bubble Bobble
· Demolition Derby
· Elf Bowling
· Mario Brothers
· Wolfenstein 3D
· Connect 4
· GSX Snowboard
· Dragon Ninja Saga
· PalmPilot® Games
· And many others

Clearly, this CD has all the most wanted game titles. And, in addition to the 10 listed above, there’s over 500 more games on this CD.

It’s Easy to Use.
We tried the “Greatest Computer Games Gold™” and were pleasantly surprised. It is so easy to use even the computer virgins in our office could run it. The CD runs smoothly on all versions of Windows, and starts simply by double-clicking on its icon. As soon as it starts, you see a menu offering various game categories. To pick a game category, you simply highlight your choice and click. Then you see a description of all the great games available in the category you chose. To play any of these games, you simply install the game. This puts the game on your computer, ready to play.

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