Millisecond Publishing Launches Website to Introduce Digital Property Licensing Opportunities to Hollywood's Motion Picture Industry & Computer Game Developers at

Millisecond Publishing announces launch of to introduce Sony Picture Entertainment (SPE) and Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) and others to licensing deals for its Family Forest® digital genealogy resource. Movie star genealogies may link to new digital marketing initiatives for motion picture libraries. Millisecond simultaneously seeks a joint venture development deal for innovative new computer game featuring scenes culled from previously released, classic motion pictures.

Kamuela, HI (PRWEB) May 2, 2005 -- Millisecond Publishing Company, Inc. is currently pitching software licensing deals to both Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) and Sony’s motion picture division, Sony Picture Entertainment (SPE) and others in Hollywood. The deal being offered SPE is to supply studios with proprietary computer code as a source of genealogy “metadata” to fuel future digital marketing strategies such as Sony Pictures recently announced film library digitization project.

The deal targeted towards SCEA, Disney's Buena Vista Games and other leading electronic game creators is to make Millisecond's code the basis for a next generation computer game. The game incorporates the theme of "time-traveling" throughout recorded history. The game's layout is based on the factual ancestral pathways found in the Family Forest® - Millisecond’s proprietary database. The game is envisioned to incorporate hundreds of scenes digitally culled from hundreds of movies now sitting in Hollywood's extensive film libraries. A unique game feature allows online orders for of the entire motion picture.

In a bold move, Millisecond Publishing is making their introductions to Hollywood and electronic game executives publicly, using the Internet and a website where several pages of non-proprietary introductory information is accessible 24/7.

Millisecond’s separate licensing deal for SCEA, Buena Vista Games (or, another major player with ties to Hollywood) is to jointly complete the development of its genealogy-based adventure game in a way that will guarantee a high-quality, multi-level educational experience. The game is identified as Family Forest® Time-Traveler.™

For the first time it will allow gamers to roam throughout the lineage-linked pathways of the “Family Forest”® to gain access to selected scenes culled from hundreds of films. The scenes, from the studio’s vast motion picture library, will do more than provide a sense of historic events, and insights into the people who made history and the places where history was made. “We will provide the studio with a new source of revenue from click through delivery of the entire motion picture.” “We want to be among the first who will provide a virtual reality sense of an event – such as a war – using scenes from motion pictures as both a source of escapist stimulation, and as a reward” says Thomas Nocera, Millisecond’s representative.

Millisecond is offering license agreements for millions of lines of digital code that includes genealogy data for hundreds of movie stars, cast and crewmembers of films, as well as the lineages of celebrities from all walks of life. “As far as quantity is concerned, the largest data category found in the Family Forest® is the academically-sourced genealogies of everyday people,” says Bruce Harrison, Millisecond’s founder and president. “The real key to the work we are doing at Millisecond, something we recognized from the beginning of this undertaking ten years ago, remains that it is about quality – putting people precisely where they belong according to recorded history.”

An earlier version of Millisecond’s software is still available to consumers online at and sells for $249.00.

The next generation of Family Forest brand software allows millions more people a unique, convenient, academic-quality opportunity to discover their ancestral links to the real people who are often depicted in films. Millisecond Publishing, after almost a decade of development, has an easy to use research tool people can click into at home, or in libraries to find their very distant ancestors - ones they may share with film stars, celebrities, notable people from all walks of life, including royalty. It’s the only genealogy resource of its kind that also features academic quality information about the places and time periods.

“All genealogy, and professional quality genealogy in particular, is a very powerful force for attracting people” according to Nocera. "You see banner ads luring people to subscribe to it everywhere, because it works like a magnet."

The motion picture industry is expected to be just the first application the “ancestral marketing strategy” which Nocera has helped to develop. “We see this linking to a click-through sales feature – that as soon as a deal is done – will provide a new marketing channel that Sony’s, or Disney's or another studio's digital marketing people can set up and maintain control. In effect, we offer a powerfully attractive gateway leading to a well-stocked digital warehouse where entire films can be ordered and downloaded for at-home family viewing," suggests Nocera.

"What is novel about this is that the movie selections a game player will most likely be making, will for the first time, have a bit of a “home movie” connotation connected to it,” said Harrison. “For example, when a game player discovers a distant ancestor may have been a combatant in the Civil War, or the American Revolution, or going back in time to any one of scores of wars fought in Europe - or just trying to live in peace during the time periods and places where historic events are known to have taken place. Those events and places, going back to Biblical times are depicted in many motion pictures.”

“Ancestral ties are emotional and personal. They can induce new personal attachments to a film, even if it is an old Hollywood classic,” added Nocera. "We harness the star power of Hollywood by tapping into the fascination all people have with their own roots, and provide the world's largest and most complete ancestral charts showing the ties mapped out and linking all of us to the genealogies of the stars."

Creating a computer game that is both educational and adventure oriented - one that can cross-over into some very non-traditional market segments and appeal at many different age levels and different levels of player skills, and be marketed in the EU as well as North America has been quite a challenge. However, the technology to achieve all of this is now available, thanks to the smart investment Sony Pictures has made in digitizing their libraries. "Sony Pictures, it seems has been creating the horse in Hollywood, while we, at Millisecond, have been building the cart in Hawaii. Now it's time we get them hitched and show what together we can do,” concludes Nocera.

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