Media Made Easy Announces the availability of the Media Made Easy HDTV System

Media Made Easy HDTV System, features Audio Recording and DVRMS file conversion plug ins for media centers. Available in September, the living room-friendly design offers free-to-air HDTV recording and playback along with dual-tuner analog recording and playback of TV broadcasts.

Vidalia, (PRWEB) August 31, 2005 -- Media Made Easy, a manufacturer of media entertainment devices for the consumer electronics market, today announced their next generation media center offering, Media Made Easy HDTV System, featuring the Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 software from Microsoft.

Boasting a stylish design for your living room, the Media Made Easy HDTV System measures just 15 inches wide and just under 6 inches tall, resulting in a stackable audio/video component. In addition to the small form factor, the case has ultra-quiet power supply and processor fans resulting in quiet operation for use in living rooms and entertainment centers.

The systems come complete with Media Made Easy’s value-added applications for recording audio sources (including music, FM radio and Internet radio) and for converting proprietary media center recorded TV files into standard video formats with the commercials removed.

"Our customers are tired of waiting for affordable High Definition TV recording,” said Ronald Schwab, CEO of Media Made Easy. “With recent information coming from Microsoft we decided to stop holding out for the next generation cable-card products and to deliver HDTV capabilities using existing products." He added, "There has been ongoing demand for ways to record audio content on media center systems, so we decided to get ahead of Microsoft’s development curve and deliver something our users can use today."

Featuring Intel’s Pentium 4 hyper-threaded processors, Gigabyte’s GeForce 6600 video, 8 channel 7.1 surround sound and cordless operation by mouse, keyboard and remote control, the Media Made Easy Media HDTV System will power applications beyond those offered by traditional consumer electronics devices. Enhanced features include HDTV quality recorded television, DVD playback, online movie rental, faster music encoding, rich digital photograph slideshows and Internet radio.

Media Made Easy HDTV System Availability
The Media Made Easy Media Center PC is now available via the company’s website in 400GB and in 800GB models. For further details, please contact Media Made Easy directly at e-mail protected from spam bots or visit the company website at:

About Media Made Easy
Founded in 2005, Media Made Easy is a registered Microsoft OEM partner, specializing in digital media entertainment for the consumer electronics market. Media Made Easy through its own technologies and those of its partners brings together the best of breed digital media entertainment solutions for delivering digital media center systems. We are dedicated to helping consumers have more fun with their entertainment. Additional information can be found at

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