Computer and Consumer Electronics Company Now Have Accounts with Over 140 Manufacturers

If you are saving money, cutting back in the office on Computers, Notebooks, Laptops, Software or even electronics such as Apple ipods - This technology company can help your financial bottom line.

(PRWEB) August 29, 2005 -- HardHead Technologies now has accounts with over 140 manufacturers from computers to consumer electronics. This simply means, the consumer can now purchase everything for their corporation, their home and their office with one great company.

HardHead Technologies started as a computer company in 2004 with exclusive computer peripherals and then incorporated electronics into the company product line.

The diversification of computer and electronic products seemed to achieve more attention for the company and the company product lines.

HardHead Technologies will be joint venturing with a well known Internet Service Provider (ISP) to provide dial-up and wireless services to new customers.

Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID),will be a major focus in the year of 2006.

If you are familiar and like well known manufacturer's such as Apple, Hp, Acer, Sony, Dell, IBM, Micro Ingram and other computer /electronic manufacturers - consumers should definitely look at H.H.T.

Customer Service support on Computers, Notebooks, Laptops, Software or even electronics such as Apple iPods. This technology company can bring satisfied results when customer service is their major objectives.

From A to Z, H.H.T. has a global coverage. When you combine a computer company with an electronics company - you have 80% of all the products you need in your home or office.

Prospective Clients: Government, State, City, Export, School District, Non Profits, Corporations, B2B, Consumers, Internet, Retailers, Religious Organizations - (Church).

Note: If you are in our prospective clients list, explore the technology products that are available.

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