Launch of iSETI LLC

iSETI LLC was launched to provide the corporate vehicle to develop radical space exploration technologies.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) April 28, 2005 -- Interstellar Space Exploration Technology Initiative, iSETI LLC was launched to provide the corporate basis for radical space propulsion technology development.

iSETIís mission is to provide the technology that will take humankind to Alpha Centuari and beyond, on a regular basis, within our life times. It is precisely because modern physics says that this is impossible, that iSETI LLC has been launched. The Universe is ours for the taking, if we have the courage, imagination, and the perseverance to do so.

Experiments, to date, demonstrate the feasibility of interfering with gravity, in a manner that causes one to re-think all three of Newtonís Laws of Motion. The experimental evidence demonstrate that a force can be created by an electrical circuit without moving parts, thereby violating, all three Laws of Motion.

The concepts present a more generic Law at work, one that allows for this apparent dichotomy. On the one hand, these concepts can be described as an approach to a Unified Theory of Translocation. On the other hand, the experiments demonstrate a strong interaction between electromagnetism and gravity that is currently not accepted by the physics community.

The companyís website, makes available concepts, papers, presentations, and audio video documentation of the work done to date. The images presented are taken from a video of one of the experiments demonstrating weight gain from 160.0g to 160.3g in about 20 minutes. These concepts, and experiments, have been deliberately designed to break the known laws of physics. Not to prove that these laws are incorrect, but to prove that the current laws of physics are special cases of more general laws.

iSETIís is very much in the early stages of development - basic research - and therefore, does not make claims to having solved any practical propulsion systems problems. The technology is in its infancy, and many hurdles have yet to be foreseen, and overcome. Serious inquiries are welcome.

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