Family Court Demonstration

Non-custodial parents plan Family Court D-Contamination

Birmingham, AL (PRWEB) June 16, 2005 -- The Alabama Coalition for Fathers and Children’s (ALCFC) elite Family Court D-Contamination Unit will return to action Friday June 17, 2005 from 11:00am until 1:00pm at the Jefferson County Family Court located at 120 2nd Court North in Birmingham. The D-Con Unit in full biohazard costumes will symbolize the clean up and neutralization of the poisons spread to Alabama families by a terribly flawed court system.

The ALCFC, now well known in Alabama for their tactics of high profile protests modeled after international civil rights organization Fathers-4-Justice, plans to increase public awareness to the negative effects that Alabama family law has on parents and children.

Alan Rusmisel vice-president of ALCFC added, “This is an on going campaign to provide awareness and educate the public to the abuse by a judicial system that seems to be dedicated to the destruction of families and the separation of children from their parents. We are spreading a message through peaceful direct actions mixed with a bit of fun and humor.”

Previous direct actions by the ALCFC have been Grim Reapers visiting Jefferson County Domestic Relations Court symbolizing that to fathers and children the real house of horrors is the court, Two Santas with helpers visiting the same court in an attempt to “Save Father Christmas” and a April Fool’s Day demonstration with numerous characters made the point “If a father expects equal treatment in domestic court April Fools.

The Alabama Coalition for Fathers and Children is comprised of parents, children and grandparents who have been victimized by the Domestic Relations Courts. We promote, support and engage in peaceful direct action that focuses attention on the atrocities committed by Domestic Relations Judges who use the divorce industry against parents, children and grandparents. ALCFC needs the support of people who want to change the system and are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to bring about change. After all aren't our children worth it.

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