Dallas Incubator Sees a Trend or Two

Incucomm says an exit from its facility is part of the new realties in startups. Xterprise, a provider of RFID solutions and systems, is moving out of Incucomm, a business incubator in June.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 29, 2005 -- “Xterprise was founded by Dean Frew in 2002, after 9/11 during the tech bubble bursting. It was a venture capital ice age,” said Steve Roemerman, Incucomm’s CEO. “No institutional money was seeding new companies when Dean started, so it’s impressive to see the firm now. When Dean moved in, Xterprise did not have a name, and he was the only person involved. Now they have dozens of people, have raised two rounds of financing from an excellent VC (Logispring), and have installed their solutions in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. They have an impressive line with hardware, software, and services. They have important patents pending and other interesting intellectual property. Xterprise shows that high quality companies can be started from scratch, in tough times.”

Roemerman said Xterprise reflected trends Incucomm has observed:
- Early stage firms must bootstrap, find angel funding or both until they meet the more conservative standards of current institutional investors
- This reality favors companies with pragmatic offerings, and founders with strong domain knowledge
- Venture economics in the US are cyclical in terms of investment activity, and in terms of the phases of firms targeted for investments
- The small number of startups with vintage years of 2001 - 04 is creating a supply and demand imbalance, pushing valuations up

“We are excited for Xterprise, and proud to be associated with them,” said Matt Bowers, Incucomm’s Chief Development Officer. Bowers noted Xterprise has sold into some of the largest companies in the world, in many cases winning in head to head competition with larger, more established firms. “People do business with people,” Bowers noted, “Dean Frew’s knowledge of the logistics space, and his strong personal reputation made an incredible difference while Xterprise was building its brand. Now they are partnered with other RFID leaders, like Alien, Apriso, Red Prairie, Symbol, and Zebra. They have clients in a number of verticals, including consumer package goods, technology, and medical. It is striking to see what they have accomplished.”

Xterprise will move to new facilities in Carrollton and will boast one of the most comprehensive RFID application and demonstration facilities in the world.

About Incucomm: Incucomm and Incucomm Consulting are based on a seasoned team of strategy, business, and technology professionals. Founded in March 2000, the company is based in Dallas Texas, and is privately held.

Incucomm operates an incubator for technology firms, and holds an equity position in a number of young firms. Incucomm Consulting provides services to more mature companies, ranging from large publicly traded corporations, to venture backed firms, and venture investors. Incucomm is on the web at www.incucomm.com Incucomm is a registered trademark of Incucomm, Inc

About Xterprise: Xterprise Inc. makes next-generation RFID supply chain solutions a reality today. The firm offers a portfolio of EPC/RFID solutions tailored to address the needs of specific vertical markets. Xterprise focuses on real-world solutions including RFID engineering studies, RFID and WMS implementations, and complete RFID compliance deployments. These include the XARM hardware line of products, which helps retail suppliers efficiently meet the demands of their retail customers for RFID capability. Xterprise also markets an RFID-enabled supply chain visibility solution, TRAX™, which provides item visibility for high tech, pharmaceutical and cold chain customers. Xterprise has currently deployed TRAX™ in Asia, and Europe. For more information, visit www.xterprise.com or call 972-690-9460, ext. 300.

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/5/prweb245849.htm