"New Release- Sci-Fi Book, 'Unlimited Energy', Written for Women as Well as Men - in Time to Stimulate, G 8, Live 8, Discussions; Plus will Gives a New Dimension to Renewable Energy Ideas". A Wet Wimbledon Replacent Therapy.

'Unlimited Energy' is a multi-level predictive fiction set in 2022, that sets out to solve the looming energy and pollution crisis of the time. It uses cutting edge science to bring about realizable solutions. Mind Control, at a new level for those worried about Conspiracy theory and machines. Released in time for, live 8, G8, this will give impact to the discussions.

(PRWEB) June 13, 2005 -- In reading, ‘Unlimited Energy’ I first thought the book which was released today, June 1, was going to be just a frolic in the near future. It has turned out to be much more and has a depth, which, in view of the fact that it was written four years ago, will stagger many scientists and energy corporations. This is a positive example of. ‘How to Change the World’

‘Unlimited Energy’ explains many things in a simple manner and extraordinarily coincides with today’s revelation from the ‘Millennium Project’. eg. One page of the book describes the start of the universe in terms of dark matter, and super fluid vortices and gravitational containment effects in a way that is understandable.

Going even further is the effect of light on the Galaxy and the involvement of light and its shearing effect on the cosmos. The effects of capturing huge amounts of light in super fiber optics is said to produce inertia coils.

The main theme of 'Unlimited Energy' is to promote the use of non polluting renewable energy Two theories are played out throughout the book. First is the use of a two mile high tower. Second is the logic for, and production of a source of renewable energy, from countries with abundant sunlight. It can be safely carried in your pocket. The Author claims to have done the initial development work. This has only recently become practical because of the production of new photo-voltaic plastics.

The hero is teamed up with a multi-peta byte animate, beautiful of course, to solve problems caused by pollution and a serious lack of oil in 2022. There is also an in depth discussion throughout the book of the growth of artificially induced intelligence and it’s combination with human intelligence to produce something that will save mankind from the machines of the future. An insight into how consciousness develops is thought provoking.

Technical issues are easily understood and add credibility to the plot. ‘Unlimited Energy’ is written in a style that we associate with ‘Star Trek’ or ‘Farscape’. The reader will appreciate that this is a language that is universally understood and that the book is intended for all countries.

‘Unlimited Energy’ is a book that is written as much for women as for men, and sex scenes are tastefully described in a poetic way. This is an amazing romp, with a very serious message, through several countries including Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and USA.

Finally, for those who like the occasional moist eye or Socratic humor, this will be even more enjoyable.

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Book - Unlimited Energy
Author - T Ray Deal
Publisher - iUniverse
ISBN - 0-595-33897-6
Published - 1st June 2005

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/6/prweb249080.htm