Independent Inventor Secures Landmark Search Engine Patent

Ohio inventor develops new technology to combine the power of Internet search engines with domain name registration services.

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) May 17, 2005 -- As search engine patent wars have escalated, an independent inventor from Ohio has been advancing the state of the art and filing dozens of patent applications since 1999 regarding his discoveries and technologies. Earlier today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent No. 6,895,430 (the '430 patent) to Eric Schneider, an Ohio inventor, for a Method and Apparatus for Integrating Resolution Services, Registration Services and Search Services, making it the sixth patent of a growing portfolio of Internet-related patents received by Schneider.

According to Schneider, "The burden has been on the individual to first visit a domain name registration service and initiate a request to find available domain names. The patent portfolio changes this by providing protection of core technologies developed to assist users with determining domain name availability in response to the initiation of request types other than that of a registration request or availability request."

For example, one aspect of the '430 patent specifies receiving keyword input for a search engine and in response providing both search engine results of Web pages, and in addition, providing one or more domain names that may be available for registration relating to those keywords.

According to Chris Varley, Associate Director of NorTech, the Northeast Ohio Technology Coalition, "After trying it, I have found Mr. Schneider's technology promising and can immediately see how its use saves steps making it easier to find available domain names while at the same time adding value to search engine results."

"We are currently in discussions to license the technology to a number of companies," said Schneider. "The issuance of the '430 patent provides an opportunity to invite interested search engine providers and domain name registration providers to learn more about how this technology can help their business and their customers."

Publications from companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Lucent, Sprint, Unisys, Hitachi, NEC, Napster, Roxio, Interland, SnapNames,,,, AirClic, Metro One Telecommunications, Sharewave, Search Mechanics and others have cited Schneider's patents.

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