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January 1, 2005, was the birthdate of a new global gaming site that is safe, has no cookies, no malware, adware or trackers. Ethical and built for the right reasons.

(PRWEB) May 24, 2005 -- Exciting new development on a Global Internet fashion.

Everyone knows that it is hard to make it in this world, with little financial resources and little time it is hard to study on the courses that one needs to in order to be able to progress in your career. The owner of this website has decided to take a different tack, to go into business for himself in order to fund postgraduate courses in accountancy.

Having tried studying full time and finding the financial resources running out, he turned to working full time and studying part time. This was not working. Having not much in the way of physical items to sell online (and not being sufficiently qualified either by experience or education to set himself up as an accountant), he turned to finding a fully virtual product.

By Fully Virtual Product I am referring to products that have no real physical form. This could either be an information site, or a site that provides a service that fills a need. After having tried to set up an internet tobacconist (specializing in the growth product of the 21st century, nasal snuff, and finding that his clientele were mainly from personal contact rather than new online business, he thought again. The money was running lower and lower and he thought harder and harder. What could he provide?

After much contemplation, he came up with the idea of an online casino (it was that or an adult entertainment site, the casino idea was chosen out of preference). It took many telephone conversations with ISPs, many hours searching the internet to find the right type of service, much contemplation to choose the right domain name and finally the result:

Using the pennies he was scraping together from a job that was paying substantially below the national average wage, the package was bought, the search engine registration arranged and numerous small scale advertising campaigns were arranged.

Nick Dewey (the proprietor of and feels confident that the new growth in internet gaming will see him through the completion of his ACCA accountancy course.

However, another factor has entered into the equation, the proprietor is falling ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. His symptoms are getting worse and he realizes that soon he won't be able to do his full time job and is relying more and more on his online income to solve his financial problems.

Never downcast, he is planning on using this business to raise sufficient money to build a brick and mortar business and become involved in training others on the way to succeed at online business as well as to build an accountancy practice of his own.

The Internet and the national news (let alone the national and satellite media) have been alive with a mention of online gambling. People have enquired and approached online gambling with trepidation and many questions. Is it safe? Are the transactions secure?, Will I be downloading spyware, adware and viruses onto my system? Still more have been excited and enthralled by the idea of practicing their skills with Poker online, but were at a loss as to how to go about it safely.

At the beginning of May 2005, a new website dedicated to being an answer to any online gaming concerns was launched providing safe, secure gambling facilities. It is a great concept in online gaming. It has higher payouts than most land based casinos or fruit machines and enables the player to ether spin the wheel for fun with no financial risk to them, or to join the online community and play with hundreds and thousands of live players.

We have all seen the adverts either on billboards or on TV, but we have also felt suspicious about opening ourselves up to “internet nasties” such as malware. We know that many download casinos may have some bad influences in them, but not on the amazing and respectable

On downloading, one finds the software to be safe and secure. You can download with confidence.

The software on is Legally licensed and fully insured, offers highest quality gaming environment and the most secure payment system on the net.

The software on has received five prestigious Online Gaming Awards for 2002. Including: Best Video Poker, Best Blackjack, Fairest Casino, Best Promotions, Best Online Casino.

The software on is approved by Gambling Commission as a safe and reliable online casino. The software on has received five prestigious Online Gaming Awards for 2002. Including: Best Video Poker, Best Blackjack, Fairest Casino, Best Promotions, Best Online Casino.

The software on has been approved by the Internet Gaming Commission. has the best and fairest games in the online wagering industry. They have been certified and approved by the Electronic Gaming Commission and received a Platinum Rating from Safebet.

Below is the actual payout percentage:
All Games Combined    97.99%

And on top of that if you are afraid of making an online transaction, we have top quality SSl secure transaction software for you to download so that instant payments can be made. Failing that you can use a top security online system such as neteller, click2pay, OnDemandFunds and many more or indeed make payments via cash.

What is more, Get Rich Quick Casino is fun to play and with so many tips and tricks to choose from that are all out there published on the internet, not to mention our daily, weekly and monthly promotions, you have a higher chance of winning. Remember, if you choose the play for fun option, you will not loose a penny.

Nick Dewey
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