Netherlands, Japan and Korea named Networked Robotics Gaming Champions

Announces results of Medal of Honor Breakthrough championship, in which 250,000 players from 25 countries participated, and announces beginning of new competitions.

EVANSTON, IL (PRWEB) February 13, 2005 -- The only game servers which hold an international contest every day, Networked Robotics today announced the winning countries for its unique Medal of Honor Breakthrough championship. More than 280 daily contests were held, with winners from 25 different nations. Contests for 2004 ended on February 8, 2005, the end of the lunar (Chinese) New Year. The countries with the most winners on each continent were declared Networked Robotics continental champions. Over 250,000 players from 66 countries and all US states have participated in Networked Robotics competition.

In Europe, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland also produced winners. Smaller countries like Luxembourg, the South Pacific island of Niue, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Aruba also fought. There were a few unexpected shutouts; there were no winners from Russia, Austria, Switzerland, India, or Israel.

Shown below are the total winners from each continent, and the number Player of the Day winners from the top countries

Europe (76)
17     Netherlands    
10     United Kingdom
9     Belgium         
7     Sweden              

Asia (25)
9     Japan              
9     Korea              
3     Taiwan         
3     Singapore    
1     China              

Africa (0)*
0     Egypt              
0     Morocco         

South America (3)
2     Brazil         
1     Chile         

North America (157)
130     United States
26     Canada              
1          Mexico              

Autralia (2)

*Although the continent of Africa had no winning players, the championship is given to the countries with the most participating players.

The largest country in population in the world that has not connected to Networked Robotics servers is Pakistan.

Within the United States California is the champion state with 19 of the 130 total US wins, followed by New York and Illinois. There were winners from 33 US states.

After February 9, 2004, country scores will reset and a new year of Networked Robotics competition will begin.

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