Offers Free Valentine’s Day Songs to Servicemen and Servicewomen

ABSTRACT: is inviting friends and family of servicepersons (both active and retired) to send a free personalized song via email now through February 14.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 8, 2005 --, the Internet’s leading provider of personalized songs, is inviting family and friends of servicepersons (both active and retired) to send a free song via email anywhere in the world now through February 14.

Requesting a Free Song
By sending an email to e-mail protected from spam bots, friends and family of active and retired military personnel can request a promotional code that can then be used to send free personalized songs to their loved ones. All that is required is that they include the division and location of where their serviceperson is serving or previously served.

Honoring Those Who Have Served – Past and Present
“We at InstaSong wanted to do something nice for the troops,” said Mark Baker, InstaSong founder and President. “We realize that holidays can be difficult for those with family serving overseas, so this Valentine’s Day we want them to be able to let their loved ones know that they’re cherished and appreciated.”

Privacy Guaranteed
Those eligible can email with confidence, knowing that InstaSong has a “No Spam” privacy policy in effect and will not distribute or share any email or personal information with third parties.

Personalized Songs for Special Occasions enables users to create professionally produced songs instantly with personalized lyrics for a host of holiday occasions. Once visitors choose the song type they want; (romantic or funny Valentine’s Day songs, Mother’s Day songs, birthday songs, etc.), they can then customize their song with names, dates, physical attributes and individual habits until the song is uniquely theirs. Previewing songs is free, and if satisfied with the results, visitors can pay $4.95 to email the song to their chosen recipient. (Now through February 14, families of active and retired military can send these songs free of charge). Each song features chart-topping vocalists, original musical accompaniment, background singers and full orchestration.

ABOUT INSTASONG.COM uses the patented eClips TrueVoice™ Technology to deliver professionally voiced, personalized songs via email. Incorporating a database of hundreds of thousands of high-quality audio samples, users are able to personalize their songs in real-time using pre-recorded audio samples voiced by some of the top professional vocalists in the Los Angeles area.

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