DigiPie Adds Audio Blogs and Podcasts

The DigiPie vision of a future where the creators of digital content are in control is becoming more and more tangible every day.

(PRWEB) February 21, 2005 -- Now there is little distinction between creators of music, videos, audio blogs and podcasting. The ability to cost effectively create digital messages for the world has enabled millions of people to have a voice on subject matter from A-Z. DigiPie gives these creators of digital content a place to reap the fruits of their labor by presenting the creators an opportunity to recoup expenses and maybe even profit from their efforts. Categories have been added for Mp3 blogs and Podcasts. The ability to register copyrights electronically for all mediums on DigiPie is built in to the control panel for all activations. With activations starting @ $4.99 per month, the model is clearly banking on volume.

All samples of media uploaded are automatically entered into rotation in their respective categories on Sample Radio. Mp3 blogs and Podcast channels have just been added to Sample Radio. Commentaries, Interviews and Karaoke were also recently added.

The DigiPie philosophy of participation and sharing is just beginning to be understood and embraced by creators of digital content. The moniker of potentially becoming the “….ebay of the music business” will have to be adjusted to the “..ebay of digital media.”

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Source :  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/2/prweb210796.htm