First Hispanic Branded Entertainment Firm Opens

Pablo Trench and Hector Prado have joined forces to open the first Hispanic branded entertainment company in the Hispanic marketplace, The Lab (

Miami, FL (PRWEB) February 15, 2005 -- Pablo Trench just resigned as VP Managing Director of Promofilm US, a renowned television production company which produces Spanish language shows for Telemundo; and Hector Prado resigned as Creative Director of Zubi Advertising, one of the largest independent Hispanic advertising agencies. Together, they are forming a new company, The Lab (, that will take advantage of convergence opportunities between advertising and entertainment in the US Hispanic market.

Their move acknowledges that the US is going through a sea of change in its ethnic composition, urban concentration and language usage; at a time when Advertising itself is also going through dramatic change in the ways companies and brands interact and connect to consumers. “Brands are eager to break the mold of 30-second commercials and find new ways to express themselves” affirms Hector Prado, founder-creative director at The Lab, who could be reached at his new boat-office at (305)428-3932. The paradigm has shifted from intrusion to invitation. It is not enough anymore to interrupt the favorite show with a 30-second commercial, now advertisers face the challenge to create original content that consumers want to watch due to its high-entertainment value.

Today, consumers embrace choice and decide whether to invite advertisers to the new media world they control. Relationships with brands become more intimate, participative and one-on-one. Technology is also changing the way audiences consume media. The proliferation of TiVo and PVR’s (Personal Video recorders); VOD (video on demand); satellite radio; videogames, Ipods and other new technologies are making the communication between brands and consumer a two-way street. Brand messages must engage audiences and be more interactive. Moreover, Hispanics over-index on entertainment consumption (media usage, movie visits, TV purchases, home theater, Satellite TV, etc.). Their actively social nature coupled with their extended families, makes Hispanics a key driving force for the early adoption of new entertainment opportunities.

Like in the general market, the Hispanic media landscape is mushrooming and fragmenting into better defined niches. From only two big networks a few years ago (Univison and Telemundo), now audiences have two other networks to choose from (Telefutura y Azteca America), multiple Spanish cable channels (Galavision, ESPN Deportes FOX Sports, Gol TV, Discovery en Español. The History Channel en Español, HBO Latino, CNN en Español, etc.); new emerging English cable networks (mun2, SiTV, LATV and VOY); and numerous international channels from their home country in satellite TV. This is without counting the hundreds of radio stations, print and websites targeting the Hispanic population.

As a result of all these changes, advertisers are facing an increasingly complex and clutter advertising environment. “The only way to convert this crossroad into an opportunity is: first to create 30-second commercials that are much more entertaining; and second to explore new non-traditional venues to connect with consumers at an emotional level.” says Pablo Trench, founder-CEO of The Lab.

While the Hispanic market continues being a strong shaping force of our pop-culture in the US, through music, arts, fashion and entertainment, the US Hispanic marketing industry is awakening and adapting to the unknown challenges and rich opportunities ahead. The opening of The Lab is a new step into this direction. They can be reached at (305)428-3932 or at

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