Artist First World Network Radio Interviews Guitarist/Composer Jimmy ‘Dee’ Caterine

Guitarist Jimmy Caterine to be interviewed on Artist First dot com April 5, 2005 10pm EST. Caterine was the founder of the 80’s metal icon Sacred Rite and is currently promoting his solo work as an independent artist.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) April 4, 2005 -- Jimmy Caterine will air a full, one hour interview on Artist First World Network Radio on Tuesday, April 5, 2005 at 10:00 p.m. EST that will display the artists music from the days of Sacred Rite, Gathering of Deities and Caterine’s more recent solo works Cognition and Fear-Pain–Love, and this interview should not be missed by any struggling independent artist, industry professional or the general music loving public.
The artists critically acclaimed CD release of 2005 is called Fear-Pain–Love, and is geared more towards the harder side of rock guitar genre, but has scores of emotional, melodic riffs that carry the listener away. You may sample the songs at Caterine’s official website. The classical work Cognition can also be heard here and is equally worthy of the attention of any serious music connoisseur.

CATERINE: Fear - Pain - Love
JD Caterine not only proves here that an artist can transform himself from the depths of a harsh reality into the master of awareness, a vivid soul that shines so bright from within and transcends upon his audience as pure emotion. Fear - pain - love is thought provoking and likely one of the most important works created musically in years. Caterine’s guitar playing is the atmospheric equivalent to emotional love with all of the passion and pain one could possibly have inscribed within a soul. Caterine is brilliant here as he creates the muse of magic and compels the listener from beginning to end; channeling sound that is truly sacred, divine and inspiring.

Fear - Pain - Love is a true guitar masterpiece, and Caterine, a diamond in the stream of virtuoso.

Makato Promotions received the work from Caterine in February 2005 thus granting the artist with title Artist of the Month, March 2005 and Artist of the Year 2005-2006 solely based on the materials content and the fact that Caterine is now an independent artist. The owner of and has documented reviews on Jimmy Caterine at the Makato websites and offers this review to the public...later entering into a new alliance with the artist.
-Mary Gilbert

Jimmy Caterine is best known for his role as guitarist and founder of Hawaii's heavy metal icon of the '80's, Sacred Rite. Jimmy currently continues his musical journey, independently releasing his work and anyone interested in sharing that journey finally can. For more information about the interview visit,, and

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