Even More Free Tips, Tricks, and Demos from Excelisys, Inc

Excelisys, Inc. announces two new demo files and white papers, along with updated versions of two previous demo files, available for free from our web site.

South Bend, IN / Temecula, CA (PRWEB) March 11, 2005 -- Excelisys is excited to announce two new and free download additions to their free FileMaker 7 Tips and Tricks section of their website.

Exclisys Inc. announces two new demo files and white papers, along with updated versions of two previous demo files, available for free from our web site at:


New Demos:

Hierarchical Portals
Presented at the FileMaker Developer's Conference, this technique enables the display of portal records hierarchically. Users can easily create, edit, delete and move records from one "folder" to another, as well as collapsing and expanding folders dynamically.

This elegant approach can be modified to balance the number of hierarchical "levels" vs. the number of records, such as fourteen levels and one million records or eleven levels and 100 million records.

A white paper documents this technique step by step.

Calendar Navigator
This demo and white paper walks the user through creating a calendar
navigator. Using FileMaker 7's new features, it allows the user to change the text and graphics on the fly, and even supports selection of non-contiguous dates.

Updated Demos:

Be sure to check out updated versions of the Recursive Calculations and Audit Log demo files as well.

Recursive Calculations
- Minor bug fixes

Audit Log
- Support for repeating fields
- Use of text formatting to make the log easier to read
- Bug fixes

These demos are available at:

"With the anniversary of FileMaker Pro 7.0, it is more important than ever to understand all the new dynamics and several exciting features that are possible with this incredible software. So the decision to offer some cool tips and tricks to showcase the power and flexibility of FileMaker Pro 7.0 is our way of giving back to the FMP community" says Excelisys founder, Christo.

Excelisys has been working with FileMaker Pro 7 for the last two years and have already successfully designed, developed, and deployed the FileMaker Business Tracker for FileMaker, Inc., representing one of the first real world examples of a multi-user relational system designed in the new file format.

You can find info, screen shots, and the ability to download here:


You can find out more information about Excelisys' consulting services at:


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Excelisys is an Associate Member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance.

Excelisys specializes in building, supporting, and integrating quality custom relational information management solutions for the Web, PDA, LAN and WAN. At Excelisys, our goal is to foster solid long-term technology partnerships with our customers.

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