LinkoSQL™ – Enterprise Pretreatment and FOG Software

Linko Data Systems, Inc., the leader in Industrial Pretreatment and FOG software, announces the availability of LinkoSQL™. LinkoSQL™ provides growing Industrial Pretreatment and FOG Programs with the utmost in reliability, performance, security and scalability.

Wheat Ridge, CO (PRWEB) May 9, 2005 -- Mr. Richard Huyck of the Muncie Sanitary District has this to say about LinkoSQL™: "Converting from (Microsoft) Access to the SQL Server version of Linko on our wide-area network has been a real time saver for the Bureau of Water Quality, MSD in Muncie, IN…”

LinkoSQL™ exceeds dependability requirements and provides innovative capabilities to increase compliance effectiveness and streamline wastewater IT systems. With the lowest implementation and maintenance costs in the industry, LinkoSQL™ delivers rapid return on your data management investment.

Michael Connolly, President of Linko, views LinkoSQL™ as being key to future Linko products: "LinkoSQL™ will provide a platform upon which to build a wide range of new features not previously possible. Features such as electronic SMR reporting, real-time integration with other enterprise systems and field laptop data synchronization are achievable using SQL. By combining the power of SQL with Linko's easy-to-use software design, we are going to provide a whole new level of functionality to Linko's current and future clients. LinkoSQL™ represents a brave new world where our most advanced designs are within reach."

LinkoSQL™ product materials and demonstration software are available. See or call Linko toll free (1-877-546-6599) to learn more.

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