Adeptia Announces Free Availability of BPM Server for Production Deployments

Adeptia releases three editions of Adeptia BPM Server to serve broader markets; offers the Express edition for free.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 4, 2005 -- Adeptia Inc., an innovative provider of business process management (BPM) technologies, announced today the release of Express, Professional, and Premier editions of its Adeptia BPM Server. The three editions of Adeptia BPM Server are designed to meet diverse needs of small, mid and large sized companies.

Adeptia BPM Server is a comprehensive product that uniquely combines business process management with enterprise and external integration capabilities. The strength of Adeptia BPM Server lies in the ease-of-use enabled by a Web-based, wizard-driven interface that allows graphical representation of highly complex process flows and easy specification of data integration rules without writing any code.

“This initiative is consistent with Adeptia’s goal of making BPM accessible to companies of all sizes and to help rapidly grow the market. With the flexibility offered through the three editions of BPM Server, customers can start small and take an incremental approach towards wider adoption of process management. This furthers Adeptia’s vision of making process automation and integration pervasive.” – said Lou Ennuso, CEO of Adeptia.

The Express edition is designed for organizations that want to automate a simpler BPM and integration scenario or want to evaluate BPM with a couple of real process flows before making a bigger commitment. The free availability of this edition represents a significant value for the customer because the free license allows deployment in not only development and testing but also production environments. This edition includes comprehensive functionality including Process Designer, Data Transport, Transformation, and Web Services client. The free license has to be renewed every year at no cost from the Adeptia website. The perpetual version of the Express edition is available for purchase.

The Professional edition is targeted towards smaller and mid-size organizations or departments of larger companies that intend to deploy business process management on a wider scale. This edition comes with all Express editions features, but also includes Human Workflow, Web Services publishing, JMS/JCA adapters, and customized services. This is a perpetual license.

The Premier edition is for organizations that want to deploy BPM extensively and automate multiple business solutions using complex processes. The Premier edition is perfect for companies that want to implement all aspects of process management, track process execution and optimize processes over a period of time to enable operational efficiencies that deliver competitive advantage. The Premier edition includes Professional edition features, along with clustering for scalability, load-balancing and redundancy. This is a perpetual license.

Adeptia BPM Server is available in one install package and the editions are determined based on the license key. Customers may upgrade from one edition to the next by simply exchanging the license key file.

“The editions of BPM Server have been designed keeping in view that IT infrastructure, business process complexities and technical capabilities vary considerably across small, mid and large organizations. One size fits all approach does not work in enterprise software.” – said Deepak Singh, CTO of Adeptia. “The free availability of the Express edition offers organizations a risk-free opportunity to evaluate the power of Adeptia’s technology and benefit from process integration.”

The Express, Professional and Premier editions of the Adeptia BPM Server are now available. For further information on pricing, functionality and partner inquiries please contact Adeptia at e-mail protected from spam bots.

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