Making Audio Products Yourself At Home Has Never Been Easier

You do not need to go to a recording studio to record spoken word information products ever again. The software and hardware to do it with a computer has never been cheaper or easier to master.

(PRWEB) June 28, 2005 -- Computers and digital storage is faster, cheaper and more powerful right now than ever before. Software and hardware to professionally record and edit spoken word information products is a skill every person needing to communicate and distribute information to the masses should now learn.

Sony Audio Studio with a PC has the power to record, mix and edit hours of spoken word content that can be distributed on CD or streamed over the internet. Examples of the microphones, audio interfaces and suggested software are explained and offered at . There is a free ebook there to help you completely understand the self recording and publishing

Mac users have software such as Sound Recorder with OS 10 or Garageband that works great, but the MAC standard for recording is Pro Tools software. It is more expensive than the other PC or Mac solutions mentioned and is really not the easiest system to learn for recording beginners, but Pro Tools is an incredible product.

When you learn to record your self with the proper equipment it opens up a world of communication and product creation possibilites such as:

CD creation
Audio downloads
Streaming audio
Audio books
Sales and training updates
Internet Radio and whole lot more
Telephone interviews
Archiving from tape
Capturing live events

I believe, the most exciting reason to learn the audio editing and layering production skills, skills that consider easy by audio and video producers, is now easy to accomplish by anyone owning a computer and quiet room to record. Becauase of affordable microphones, audio cards, and mixing/recording/editing software like Sound Forge, these easy production skills will allow everyone to easily move over to the next frontier of self info-publishing, home video production.

Video works flawlessly on the web because many streaming video formats, especially, Flash or FLV formate.. See examples at . With broadband so common place and computers so powerful, web pages can now be infomercials, training modules and entertainment just the internet's counterpart of radio and television. The web is another media of broadcast affordable by everyone. The fact is, if you learn audio production skills, you are just one step away from learning simple video editing, mixing and layering enabling you to make DVD, streaming video or download content.

Google believes this so much, that they have started the program available to everyone who can create video for sale or pay per view. More about that at

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