C-Byte's All-In-One Program, Complete Warehouse, Offers Deployment of Production Data Warehouse in 90 Days

Establishes C-Byte as Premier Provider of Best-of-Breed Components and Services for Rapid Implementation of Decision Support Systems

Calgary, Alberta, Canada (PRWEB) June 28, 2005 -- Building on its reputation, C-Byte, Inc. unveiled Complete Warehouse, its first packaged offering for deployment of an operational data warehouse/decision support system (DSS) within 90 days. Complete Warehouse is an all-in-one program that combines best-of-breed components with C-Byte's proven methodologies and services to implement a data warehouse for a fixed price. This is the first packaged offering from C-Byte's Decision Advantage Program, a family of methodolgies, services, partnerships and offerings that leverages C-Byte's experience and reduces customer risk associated with building a data warehouse/DSS.

Typical data warehouse/DSS projects can require six to 18 months or more to implement, and costs can quickly escalate into multi-millions of dollars. While other vendors' "solutions" only offer rapid development of a disposable, proof-of-concept prototype data warehouse, Decision Advantage's CompleteWarehouse program establishes an operational data warehouse to meet current business needs and serve as the foundation for future requirements.

"C-Byte is proud of its large systems track record," said Trevor Biscope, C-Byte's chairman. "We've packaged our design and implementation knowledge into a set of proven, business-oriented methodologies to deliver working data warehouses in a very short timeframe. The Complete Warehouse program lets our customers begin their data warehouse project on a small scale, building the foundation of an enterprise-wide DSS strategy which produces near-immediate business benefits at a very competitive price."

Complete Warehouse includes C-Byte's Decision Advantage Implementation services to guide a customer through the steps to building a successful system using modern transactional analysis, workshop and dimensional modeling methodologies that ensure the value of the resultant data warehouse. C-Byte is uniquely capable of assessing the business requirements of a data warehouse/DSS through interviews and a series of comprehensive workshops that involve executives and seniour management, business analysts and the user community in the definition and logical design of the system. By focusing the customer on business issues, not system technology issues, C-Byte sets the stage for a rapid and successful deployment and a production quality data warehouse.

Available immediately, C-Byte's Complete Warehouse system price start at $500,000 US. The Complete Warehouse package includes the following components: Decision Advantage Implementation services and methodologies; Oracle or Informix RDBMS supporting 32 or 64 users; Business Objects or MicroStrategy query tools for 10 to 32 users; and a choice of C-Byte's four Intel Itanium (IA-64) processors, C-Byte's Intel Xeon with eight processors or C-Byte's Intel Pentium 4 with eight processors. One year of hardware and software maintenance is also included.

About C-Byte
C-Byte, Inc., based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is uniquely capable of delivering robust and scalable Data Center Ready open systems solutions that are guaranteed to perform. C-Byte minimizes customers' risk, enabling implementation of complex business applications that support critical needs, based on C-Byte's breakthrough architecture, a comprehensive portfolio of proven migration services and offerings, and an established set of partnerships with the industry's best-in-class.

For further information, phone C-Byte inside the US 800-393-5804, outside the US at 403-770-7818, or visit our Web site at http://www.c-byte.com

Complete Warehouse Partner Endorsements

"Oracle has worked with C-Byte on implementing some of today's most successful open data warehouses. The combination of Oracle's industry-leading data warehousing software and C-Byte's powerful systems encapsulated with services focused on the delivery of working solutions will create a powerful competitive advantage for our mutual customers. Oracle continues to invest in data warehousing across all its product suites and is excited to be participating with C-Byte in making data warehousing solutions more accesible and beneficial to a wider audience" said Polly Sumner, vice-president of Worldwide Alliances.

"Oracle Business Intelligence, integrated with our existing systems, maximizes the power of our data by allowing us to make better decisions as well as improve our margins and overall business performance." -- Margaret Schwartz, Director of Retail Information Abbey National

"The Oracle data warehouse paid for itself very quickly, in about six months. Since then the warehouse has continued adding significant value to Amazon.com's business." -- Mark Dunlap, Data Warehouse Program Manager, Amazon.com

"Oracle9iAS Portal has enabled our field sales people to become more productive. They use the portal's unique Business Plan Template to manage customer information and drive revenue, and the customer feedback has been very positive." -- Wendel Willis, Digitization and
Customer Data Manager.

Business Objects:
"Business Objects is very excited to have been selected by C-Byte for the Decision Advantage Complete Warehouse program," said David Kellogg, vice president of corporate marketing at Business Objects "The combination of market leading integrated query, reporting, and OLAP technology from Business Objects with the business-focused packages from C-Byte produces a powerful data warehouse solution that will address today's business requirements and provide a foundation for growth and change. C-Byte's Decision Advantage Complete Warehouse program combines key technologies and services to provide customers with a compelling warehouse solution. We are pleased to be a part of it."

"Caterpillar, one of the most successful brick and mortar companies in the past century, is today leading by example by applying internet and business intelligence technologies to improve its 'operational excellence' and deepen customer relationships," said Joel Weingarten, vice president and general manager of the extranet business unit for Business Objects.

"We selected Business Objects because of its success and proven leadership in the BI industry and its solutions' ease of use, powerful reporting, and scalability," said Professor Dr. Ottmar Beckmann, Director of IT at Volkswagen AG. "Thanks to Business Objects, we look forward to giving Volkswagen AG employees, from finance and product development to purchasing and production, and our subsidiaries worldwide a real-time view of business which will lead to improved customer service and satisfaction."

"We have always placed a focus on using technology to deliver innovative services to our customers, and our strong partnership with Business Objects over the years has helped us to achieve these goals." David Guzman, senior vice president and CIO of Owns & Minor.

"MicroStrategy is pleased to be partnering with C-Byte in delivering The Complete Warehouse," said Sanju K. Bansal, MicroStrategy's chief operating officer. "This program aims at building successful decision support systems and reducing the risks of failure via the application of C-Byte's proven methodologies and MicroStrategy's DSS product line. With the CompleteWarehouse package, rapid, cost effective decision support has come of age."

"eBay selected MicroStrategy because of its exceptional user scalability and its ability to support advanced reporting and analysis, MicroStrategy also provides excellent query performance with our rapidly growing multi-terabyte data warehouse." Brad Peterson, CIO eBay

"We chose MicroStrategy because of the remarkable ease with which we can deploy reports via the Web to thousands of employees across the company." Tom Ruvoli, Technology Business Manager, Data Warehouse, Ace Hardware Corporation.

"Campbell Soup Company is utilitizing MicroStrategy Report Services for Sales, Finance, Customer Service and Marketing applications. MicroStrategy Report Services provides many options for presenting highly formatted information in a consistent user-friendly format. This exciting new reporting capability also leverages our existing MicroStrategy investment." Paul Williams, Director IT, Campbell Soup Company.

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