CardsChat Storms to Commercial Conquest is taking the world of internet poker by surprise, quickly becoming one of the nets top poker discussion boards and a haven for poker players of all nationalities and standards.

(PRWEB) June 29, 2005 -- is the fastest growing poker forum on the net, with its fresh, new content and design attracting poker enthusiasts from all over the globe. The site boasts endless pages of quality reviews and around 45,000 articles, resulting in the site attaining a substantial membership of over 6000 members in a mere 6 months. The site also possesses numerous, exclusive features for its members, such as the availability of Web – Mail, private free and paid tournaments, and has close ties with several gambling sites, resulting in CardsChat being able to offer its members superior promotions.

Greg Woodcock, CardsChat’s Head of Business Relations, attributes’s staggering over night success to the sites diversity and unassailable content “. We take a very personal role in the running of our forum and we see it as a key factor in our expansion; the lack of personal involvement in similar sites is often to its detriment.” Mr. Woodcock comments “.Of course our success is helped by the fact that we are ranked No. 1 on several search engines,” he hastens to add.

Poker sites all over the web have been experiencing sizable growth, although only a minority to the degree of CardsChat. Poker, especially Texas Holdem, is growing at all levels, from local to national, with the game now frequently televised and internet poker experiencing a seemingly exponential rise.

With Version 2 on its way, it seems that CardsChat will be hard to suppress on its charge to becoming the nets premiere poker page.

CardsChat was established in late 2004 by Nick Kisberg, poker enthusiast and internet entrepreneur. The site grew gradually at first, enticing prospective members with its accessible layout and the offer of freerolls. As the site grew, so did its content and, subsequently, CardsChat is able to supply its members with regular, professionally written articles and reviews. Additionally the chance to be part of a friendly, supportive and informative community has resulted in increasing interest in the site.

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