Voices And Visions

Voices And Visions
     The biographical film of Langston Hughes is both informative and entertaining.

It approaches Hughes’s life with insightful observations from the people that
personally knew him. The film goes into detail on his family background and
early life before his poetic success, and continues through his life in Harlem,
his literary achievements, and legacy. The film has interesting facts that were
unknown to me previous to my viewing. For example, the historical relatives
described in the biography gave more insight on the motivation of Hughes to make
an impact in the culture or history of African-Americans. Other than insight,
the movie was entertaining because of the creative structure of the film’s
format. The combination of jazz and blues music, actual pictures and film
footage, recitations of Hughes poetry, and images of the Harlem Renaissance make
a profound impact when attempting to understand the life Langston Hughes came
from and lived, as well as feeling the emotion in his literary works. Hughes’s
achievements are extraordinary and his life was remarkable. His ability to
overcome obstacles such as the lack of family and financial support are
admirable. He stands as a role model for a younger generation of writers.