The movie Braveheart is based on the control of England over Scotland. England
in that time was ruled by Longshanks who made it a very powerful country because
the government very rich. The English would go around and kill harmless Scots
and by mistake they killed William Wallace’s girlfriend. After this happened

William Wallace wanted freedom. He was sick of being controlled by Scotland. So

William Wallace got an army together of Scottish nobles and started to take over

England. The English were very surprised since they were never defeated on there
own land and even more surprised when they took over York. The Scottish were
usually not very materialist people, but because they wanted to be free they
would do anything. William Wallace was a very amazing person because he believed
that with his army, out numbered 3:1, could take over England. In the end

William Wallace was tricked and was tortured and beheaded by the English, but
later Scotland became a free county all because of William Wallace. Braveheart
was not an unusual movie. Most historic movies are usually written about a war
or about a love story and Braveheart had them both. The movie on the most part
was historically accurate and very good in my point of view.