Kagan VOD Summit, June 28, To Tackle How Cable TV Intends to Energize 20+ Mil. Subscribers Now Wired for VOD

Charlie Thurston, President, Comcast Spotlight, will keynote the Kagan VOD Summit, Tuesday, June 28. The event will address how advertisers are poised to reach the 20+ mil. homes now wired for on-demand television access. The executive conference to be held at the Park Lane in New York will also feature top executives from leading players in the video on demand sector, such as iN DEMAND, IBM Digital Media, Showtime, Nielsen Media Research, Broadbus, Rainbow Media, Tandberg Television and more.

Monterey, CA (PRWEB) June 9, 2005 -- Charlie Thurston, President, Comcast Spotlight, will keynote the Kagan VOD Summit, Tuesday, June 28. The event will address how advertisers are poised to reach the 20+ mil. homes now wired for on-demand television access.

Given the tremendous growth expected for the on-demand space, conference panelists will discuss the challenges and opportunities now facing operators, programmers, technologists and investors. Which revenue strategies and economic tactics are ripe for adoption at this stage? Going forward, what are the best programming and advertising models for cable network start-ups and incumbents? What are the competitive concerns for the long-term viability of the on-demand platforms? Who are the likely winners and losers, and why?

Panel Topics:
HD ON DEMAND: The Risks and Rewards of Pushing High-Def VOD -- This panel will highlight the distinct opportunity for HD VOD, explore the impact on network capacity, examine the prospect of leading the market and consider content security issues.

Video on demand [VOD for Programmes: How To Expand Programming Choices In The New Frontier of VOD -- This panel will explore models for bringing a wide variety of targeted programming through the VOD pipeline.

Insert ad Here: Exploring Ad Opportunities in the Emerging On-Demand Model -- This panel will delve into the challenges of modifying the ad-supported network model for the on-demand space and look at the benefits of better control over ad distribution.

Capitalizing on Applications: Leveraging Server Infrastructure Beyond Traditional Content Delivery -- The VOD platform poses opportunities for the cable industry to leverage personalized streaming capacity to deliver a host of non-video applications, especially gaming.

- Charlie Thurston, President, Comcast Spotlight
- Rob Jacobson, CEO, iN DEMAND
- Dick Anderson, General Manager/Digital Media, IBM
- Jeff Binder, President & CEO, Broadbus Technologies
- Reggie Bradford, President, TANDBERG Television
- Mark Greenberg, Exec. Vice President, Showtime Networks
- Jeff Shultz, CEO, Concert Network
- Bob Luff, EVP & CTO, Nielsen Media Research
- Kevin Corcoran, President, Anime Networks
- Yvette Gordon-Kanouff, VP/Strategic Planning, SeaChange International
- Ken Papagan, EVP/New Business Development and Strategic Planning, Rentrak
- Chris Pizzurro, Vice President/Multimedia Marketing, Turner Broadcasting Sales
- Michael Rivkin, CTO, Zodiac Gaming
- Dan Ronayne, Sr. Vice President and General Manager/Mag Rack and sportskool, Rainbow Media Holdings
- Clint Stinchcomb, SVP & General Manager/Discovery HD Theatre, Discovery Networks US
- Tom Straszewski, Vice President of Sales, Adelphia Media Services
- David Yates, VP/Marketing and Business Development, Arroyo Video Solutions

About The Keynote:
Charlie Thurston, President, Comcast Spotlight

Comcast Spotlight is the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable. It serves 68 of the nation’s 210 designated market areas (also called “DMAs”) – including eight of the top 10 television markets.

Charlie Thurston joined Comcast Spotlight in 2002 and is responsible for leading a team of 3,200 employees in local, regional and national advertising sales operations. Prior to assuming this role, he was President and CEO of Adlink, the Los Angeles interconnect. Hired as Adlink's General Sales Manager in 1989, Charlie was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing and then to President and CEO in 1992. While at Adlink, Charlie spearheaded a remarkable rise in revenue (from one million to $138 million in 2000), successfully directed the company's digital rollout (the first in the nation), and managed the consolidation of the Los Angeles cable advertising market.

His experience spans more than 20 years in the cable industry. He was General Manager of Continental Cablevision's Cable Advertising Division from 1986-1989. Prior to that, his career included launching advertising departments for Cablevision Systems in New York, Connecticut and Boston. Charlie received the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau (CAB) President's Award in 1989 and the CAB Carl Weinstein Award in 1992. Originally from Rye, New York, Charlie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Williams College. He attended the Haas School of Business's Advanced Management Program at the University of California at Berkeley.

When & Where:
Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Park Lane Hotel, 36 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019. Located between Fifth Avenue and Ave. of the Americas (6th Ave.) on Central Park South overlooking the park.

Moderators: Derek Baine, Ian Olgeirson and Deana Myers
Sponsored by: Tandberg Television and Broadbus

Early Bird Rate: $795 (Save $100). Expires 6/15/05
Reg. Rate: $895. To register call 1-800-307-2529, by fax via 831-625-3225 or log on to http://www.kagan.com

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