Clarion Call to Editors and Journalists Reporting on Yoga

In the name of balanced and fair reporting, there is a great need for editors and journalists to research and report on the spiritual focus of Yoga, not merely the physical, which is a minor, though useful part of authentic Yoga.

(PRWEB) June 7, 2005 -- The underlying presumption of almost all articles on Yoga is the view that Yoga is a physical exercise program, stress management method, or medical treatment. It seems that virtually none of the articles, aside from specialty publications, focus on the more authentic truth that Yoga is a means of spiritual awakening or realization. Articles are needed that first address the spiritual perspective, and then mention the physical as a minor alternative, complement, or preparation.

The codes of ethics of many journalism associations and organizations stress the importance of fair reporting, including avoiding distortions due to either emphasis or omission. It is the emphasis of reporting on Yoga as a physical process, and the omission of Yoga in its deeper, truer aspects that tend to make these articles ethically questionable.

Two additional types of reporting are needed. One would be articles describing the original and true nature of Yoga, which may not even include most of the physical postures. The other would be articles on how it has happened that Yoga has become so significantly distorted in recent years. To report from these two perspectives would go a long way in balancing all of the reporting that reflects the false premise that Yoga is about physical fitness.

If you are an editor, journalist, or reporter, won’t you please help to balance the reporting to the public about the true nature of Yoga. If you can find people to interview about Yoga as physical fitness, then you can also find people to interview about Yoga in its more authentic form.

The article “Modern Yoga Versus Ancient Yoga” by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati provides an overview that may serve as background information, or a starting point for the journalist willing to further research and report on these topics. The article is online at:

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