Global Warming: Dr. Peter Schultz Speaks at the New Marian Koshland Science Museum. Event Hosted by the World Future Society US National Capital Region Chapter.

Earth climate changes transcend time, generations, and political agendas. World Future Society US National Capital Region Chapter will hold its holiday event at the new Marian Koshland Science Museum. Dr. Peter Schultz, creator of the Global Warming museum section will present on the interconnection between environmental, economic and political trends and agendas.

(PRWEB) November 28, 2004 -- There has been little discussion in the popular media about what might happen to Earth's climate beyond the year 2100. Dr. Peter Schultz will discuss what is known about very long-term climate change. These shifts transcend political and even generational timescales. He will discuss why it is important and why it is particularly challenging to keep a long view on this issue. Drawing on his own research and that of others in the fields of carbon cycle dynamics, climate modeling, and macroeconomics, Dr. Schultz will discuss a striking set of questions that contrast with the picture of a gradually evolving climate that is traditionally reported. Could the Earth's climate "snap" suddenly, unlike anything we've seen previously? Could a much warmer climate remain for hundreds of years even if no more greenhouse gases were emitted? And, does it make economic sense to do anything about very long term climate change?

The speaker is Dr. Peter Schultz, Ph.D. who was the Exhibits and Public Programs Director, Koshland Science Museum, overseeing the creation of the Global Climate Change display in the museum. Before joining the National Academies, Peter conducted research on the relationships between vegetation patterns, temperature, and precipitation at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He is now the Associate Director for Science Integration at the Climate Change Science Program Office (Incorporating the U.S. Global Change Research Program and the Climate Change Research Initiative).

Location: MARIAN KOSHLAND SCIENCE MUSEUM National Academy Building -- Enter NE corner of 6th and E streets.
Time: 6:00pm-9:30pm

Registration: At $45 non-members; $35 members.
Advance paid reservations are required by COB November 29, 2004. Reservations may not be cancelled after that date, and no shows will be charged.

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About Marian Koshland Science Museum: The Marian Koshland Science Museum is named for Marian Koshland, an immunologist and molecular biologist who conducted groundbreaking research in the behavior of antibodies. The museum has been developed through a gift from her husband, Daniel Koshland, a molecular biologist specializing in the study of enzymes and bacteria. It currenlty shows three exhibits Global Warming: Facts & Our Future; Wonders of Science; Putting DNA to work. (

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