Gene Knockdown Competition

$10,000 Prize for siRNA Versus Morpholino Comparisons. Five research proposals will be awarded preliminary prizes, then a $10,000 grand prize awarded in 2006 will be based on publication. Proposals due March 1, 2005 at Gene Tools, LLC.

(PRWEB) January 9, 2005 -- $10,000 Prize for siRNA Versus Morpholino Comparison

The recently completed Human Genome Project uncovered many thousands of new genes. To understand the functions of those new genes researchers are increasingly turning to sophisticated new tools designed to specifically knock down the activity of any selected gene. However, many of the tools being used for these gene knockdown studies suffer from serious flaws which obscure and befuddle the experimental results.

On the premise that it is important for scientists to have rigorous comparisons of both the merits and the flaws of the tools available for gene knockdown, GENE TOOLS is sponsoring a competition to directly compare key properties of two leading gene knockdown types: siRNAs and Morpholinos. This competition is open to all individuals and groups worldwide. Phase 1 research proposals are due 1 March 2005. There will be 5 Phase 1 winners, and then a $10,000 grand prize awarded to the Phase 2 winner.

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Contact: Shannon Knuth, Ph.D. at (541) 929-7840 x1041

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