Cryozootech First Company to Clone Horse Champions at the International Horse Exhibition "AL FARES" in Dubaï

Cryozootech at the International Horse Exhibition "Al Fares" in Dubaï 6-8 Dec 2004. High Technology for the Horse Breeding Industry. Cryozootech : Genetic preservation and restoration, first to clone horse champions

(PRWEB) November 28, 2004 -- Most of the sport horses are gelded for convenience, practicability or safety and therefore are lost for breeding. Using the most advanced techniques of biology, Cryozootech intends to preserve the genetic heritage and restore the breeding ability of rare and valuable animals which would otherwise disappear without offspring. The only technique which allows this is nuclear transfer or cloning, that Cryozootech develops in order to produce stallions out of the most outstanding gelded horse champions .The birth of the first horse clone in 2003 has confirmed the concept and the last scientific results obtained in other species confirm that the clones are fully equal to the donor of genes as breeding animals.

Cryozootech’s offer consists in genetic banking, selling horse clones or shares of horse cloned stallions, cloning on behalf of horse owners. The cryobank contains the living cells of 30 horse champions, half of them belonging to the company, half being kept for their owner.

Cryozootech also contributes to preservation of biodiversity by storing in its cryobank some endangered breeds of horses or equids with the intention of cloning them when the need will be expressed.

The Poitou Donkey association breeders have shown their interest and a cooperation action is started, showing that cloning can contribute to biodiversity.

Cryozootech will soon increase its capital and might be a nice financial opportunity.

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