Eliminate Data Analysis Bottlenecks in Drug Discovery

Nanostream’s Veloce system analysis software modules for purity, Log P and solubility/permeability allow you to rapidly transform chromatograms into meaningful results

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) March 1, 2005 -- (Pittcon 2005) Several HPLC technologies have recently emerged to provide scientists the ability to quickly run large numbers of samples. Unfortunately, these increases in analytical throughput have resulted in massive amounts of data to be generated, shifting the laboratory bottleneck from sample processing to chromatographic data analysis. To help scientists simplify analysis of chromatograms, rapidly generate standard curves and tabulate meaningful results, Nanostream introduces a suite of advanced analysis software modules to support a variety of applications, including purity assessment, Log P, Log D, CHI and solubility/permeability assessment.

Nanostream’s acquisition software offers researchers real-time visualization of chromatograms from sets of 24 samples as they are simultaneously separated using the Veloce micro parallel liquid chromatography system. Following the completion of a large set of samples in a study—e.g., a set that includes reference compounds, QC standards, and drug samples—scientists use the Veloce system analysis software to review data and to apply analysis settings to large sets of chromatograms. The batch analysis and report generation features provide scientists an efficient way to rapidly assess and report results. Users can then select assay-specific advanced software modules to easily generate standard curves and quickly compute final numerical values associated with their study, e.g., Log P or percent purity.

“Sifting through large amounts of data to get results is a hassle. The Veloce system analysis software significantly reduces time-to-results and increases productivity per researcher,” said Hau H. Duong, vice president of engineering, Nanostream. “The advanced software modules have generated an extremely positive response from our customers. We have an active program to develop new modules and introduce comprehensive solutions for a broader set of applications.”

Nanostream continues to find ways to ease workflow integration. The recent migration of the data acquisition and visualization software to the .Net platform facilitates future integration with other instrumentation such as automation systems and detectors that are compatible with the .Net platform. Also, raw data from the Veloce system are easily exported to a variety of formats for analysis using most third party chromatography data analysis programs.

Nanostream’s analysis software comes standard with the Veloce system, and the advanced analysis modules are available for an additional cost. For ordering information, please call (626) 351-8200 ext. SALE or e-mail e-mail protected from spam bots.

About Nanostream
Nanostream Inc. (Pasadena, CA) provides high-throughput microfluidic analytical systems to companies involved in drug discovery and development. Nanostream’s systems are based on proprietary, modular product design that allows for timely introduction of new products based on market needs.

Nanostream is pioneering micro parallel liquid chromatography (µPLC) with its premier product, the Veloce system. The Veloce system, designed for scientists who can benefit from greater sample analysis capacity, integrates with existing workflow and increases the throughput of established HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) techniques.

More information about the company is available at www.nanostream.com

For further information please contact:
Elizabeth Rietz
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“Nanostream” is a registered trademark of Nanostream, Inc. “Veloce” and “Brio” are trademarks of Nanostream, Inc.

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