Biochemists Turn Marketing Into a Science

As a niche consulting firm, Marketing Frontiers provides targeted solutions for the life science industry and fills the gap as an outsourcing partner specifically for life science product and service providers.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) February 1, 2005 -- In the heart of the third largest biotechnology corridor, a new company launched its marketing and business services to the San Diego life sciences industry. Marketing Frontiers, Inc. is the brain child of two scientists themselves, both of whom have Ph.D.s in biochemistry. Melissa and David Stolow co-founded the company to address the needs of this unique, scientific niche market. According to the Stolows, “Most science based companies turn to traditional ad agencies for their marketing projects, but these agencies are not always experts in understanding the nuances of scientists as a consumer market and how they purchase products.” Marketing Frontiers offers marketing solutions specific for this industry. The company transforms a client’s goals into sales dollars using cost-effective marketing strategies. Increasing market awareness and improving long term growth are the key drivers for the services the company offers.

Being trained as research scientists gives the Stolows a critical edge over other marketing experts. They understand the science and can speak the customer’s language. This strategic advantage is an asset when setting up marketing and business plans for a science-based company but their expertise doesn’t stop there. Collectively, the Stolows have over 20 years of hands-on experience in sales, marketing and business activities with life science and pharmaceutical companies across the United States. Combining their technical and business savvy, they bring a wealth of benefits to each client.

As expected, Marketing Frontiers incorporates a scientific approach to its project planning. Working with clients, the company performs an analysis of where things are today, presents an impartial perspective and then provides answers based on the needs of the company.

Marketing Frontiers specializes in seven core areas of business: Performance Analysis, Customer Focus, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Product Development, and Intellectual Property Management. The Stolows believe that if a corporation routinely evaluates its performance in each of these areas, then that business will be guaranteed success in reaching its corporate goals.

The company offers its clients two approaches when contracting for their services. The first is to begin with the business area they are most comfortable with and use Marketing Frontiers to augment the client’s existing strengths. The second is to hire Marketing Frontiers as an off-site marketing department. “We can function as a cost-effective outsourcing partner for all marketing activities. This provides clients with an alternative so they don’t have to increase staff or add additional in-house resources”.

But being a specialized consulting company isn’t enough for the Stolows at Marketing Frontiers. They are using the company to support the life science business community as well. Their newly launched website,, contains a support library of information specific to marketing in the life science industry. The library contains a series of white papers written by Melissa Stolow about critical topics in sales, marketing and the business of the life sciences. The site also provides a reading list, useful web links and a resource page with links to related services required by life science companies such as grants management. “We want life science companies to see our website as a portal of information specific for their industry. We offer educational materials to marketers, some of whom may even be scientists like us, by giving them access to free valuable information on our website and in our monthly e-newsletter.”

Beyond providing best practices information to the industry, Marketing Frontiers has also made a commitment to support the advancement of science. Every time they meet with a potential new client, Marketing Frontiers makes a donation to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, an organization that provides the practical information and tools people living with cancer need to live strong. Marketing Frontiers also gives each potential client an official LIVESTRONG™ yellow awareness bracelet from the Lance Armstrong Foundation. According to the Stolows, “It is our way of giving back to the community and helping spread the word about the need for continued support of cancer research and those affected by this disease”.

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About Marketing Frontiers
Founded in 2005, Marketing Frontiers, Inc. provides marketing and business development consulting services specifically for the life sciences industry. Their clients include manufacturers of scientific products and contract service providers. Using innovative, customer focused approaches, Marketing Frontiers provides the analysis, perspective and answers to enable and support their clients’ business growth. For more information, please visit

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