Protedyne Announces Enhancements to the BioCube System

Protedyne Corporation, a leading lab automation provider, today announced new components for the BioCube System, the company’s sophisticated liquid, sample, and data handling automation platform.

Windsor, CT (PRWEB) January 28, 2005 -- Protedyne Corporation, a leading lab automation provider, today announced new components for the BioCube System, the company’s sophisticated liquid, sample, and data handling automation platform. Newly available features of the BioCube System are:

Vision Positioning System:
Protedyne's Vision Positioning System (VPS) employs advanced machine vision technology to perform ultra-precise positioning by calibrating disposable tips on the pipettor to the actual plate well centers. The VPS uses two cameras, one to map positions of the tips on the pipettor and another to map plate positioning. The robot arm is then adjusted in X, Y, and theta (rotation) to position the tips precisely in the center of the wells. This makes pipetting operations to 1536-well plates much more reliable while minimizing occurrences of tip misses and plate lifting. The VPS also serves as a real-time quality control system, analyzing tip insertion and flagging any tips that are out of center position.

Scheduling Software:
Protedyne's "LILY-Schedule" scheduling software employs a unique steady state optimization algorithm that produces a production schedule regardless of the number of plates that will be used for each run. This enables the user to choose schedules optimized for either overall throughput or fastest turnaround time. LILY-Schedule schedules interleaved batches of the same protocol as well as concurrent execution of multiple protocols. It also coordinates the activities of multiple BioCube System modules.

Plate Sealer:
The newly redesigned plate sealer automatically adjusts for different height plates - anything from 384 PCR or low profile sample plates up to deep well blocks. The plate sealer can be configured with either a single or dual shuttle. The single shuttle returns the plate to the same location within the BioCube System enclosure, while the dual shuttle allows pass-through sealing before the plate is stored directly in the High Capacity Stacking System.

The design of Protedyne's new high performance, two-position centrifuge was inspired by the demand for a more powerful, yet compact, unit that could easily be integrated with robotic systems. This centrifuge is capable of over 6000 rpm (6000g RCF), enough force to accommodate everything from quick “spin downs” to column extractions. Its absolute-encoded servo-motor delivers precise, reliable control of acceleration, velocity and positioning, as well as the ability to ramp up to full speed and ramp down to a full stop in just a few seconds.

Plate Loader:
The introduction of Protedyne's new Plate Loader option has expanded the BioCube System’s capacity as well as the possibilities for 3rd party integration. With its fast SCARA-style robot arm and SmartTool™ gripper, the Plate Loader option allows multiple 3rd party instruments (between 3 and 8, depending on the instruments) to be added to the BioCube System.

Tip Box and Microplate Stacking System:
Protedyne has updated its Single Cassette Stacking System (SCSS) and High Capacity Stacking System (HCSS.) Both stackers can now feed tip boxes or plates interchangeably. The SCSS can hold tip boxes (up to sixteen 96-channel or twenty-five 384-channel) and up to sixty standard plates or ninety 384-well PCR plates. The HCSS is available in 6- or 16-cassette models, which allows for walk-away capacities of up to 256 tip boxes (96-channel), 400 tip boxes (384-channel), 960 standard plates, or 1440 PCR plates.

About Protedyne:
Protedyne’s unique approach combines scientific and automation expertise with industrial-quality automation and sophisticated data management. The foundation of the company is the BioCube System platform, which brings advanced industrial-automation capabilities into the life science laboratory in a fast, flexible, and reliable package. The company can also provide contract laboratory research services utilizing the BioCube System. Protedyne is headquartered in Windsor, Connecticut, USA. For more information call +1 (860) 683-1860 or visit Protedyne on the web at

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