Robert A. Cameron & Associates Announces An Online 360 Degree Program that Provides An Assessment Of A Manager’s Leadership Skills As Perceived By Others

An effective leadership development program should include an assessment of a manager’s strengths and weaknesses by the people they work with. Perception equals fact so knowing how others evaluate the manager’s skills helps bring focus to the leadership areas needing the most development.

(PRWEB) March 15, 2005 -- Robert A. Cameron & Associates offers an innovative online leadership development program through Profiles International’s unique Checkpoint 360 Degree Feedback System. The program combines direct feedback by direct reports, peers, and supervisor, with a personalized program for developing specific leadership skills based on that feedback. By learning the perceptions of the people around the leader you can identify and capture both the leader’s strengths as well as areas that require development.

Employees don't quit companies, they quit managers. That is why it is critical to discover how a manager's perception of themselves compares to the perception their peers, subordinates, and superior have of them. Perception equals fact, but unless it is measured, it can’t be changed. The result of not knowing a manager’s perceived weaknesses is typically employee turnover, particularly within the ranks of your top performers.

Deploying the 360 degree survey is very easy. Leaders and the people who they interact with the most participate in a 20 minute online survey that evaluates 18 critical skill sets. Anonymity is maintained by grouping the participants' answers. A powerful, full color report is created showing areas of alignment as well as gaps in the perception of their skills. This report provides tangible information to help the leader as well as the organization improve. From that point, leaders are able to participate in an individualized Skillbuilder series of programs to build on the area identified through the Checkpoint 360 Degree Feedback System.

Leadership skill sets assessed in the Checkpoint 360:
•    Listens to others
•    Processes information
•    Communicates effectively
•    Instills trust
•    Provides direction
•    Delegates responsibly
•    Adjusts to circumstances
•    Thinks creatively
•    Builds personal relationships
•    Facilitates team success
•    Works efficiently
•    Works competently
•    Takes action
•    Achieves results
•    Cultivates individual talents
•    Motivates successfully
•    Displays commitment
•    Seeks improvement

This validated assessment provides a very complete analysis as to where a manager's performance is rated by the people they work with, and by themselves. More effective managers will impact a business in a number of positive ways, most notably employee retention and the bottom line.

For more information on this leadership development assessment contact Robert A. Cameron & Associates, Weston FL, a Strategic Business Partner of Profiles International. They work with employers to help them increase the effectiveness of their employee selection and development. They can be reached at 954-385-8701 via email e-mail protected from spam bots or at

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