Five Stars are no Longer the Optimal Hospitality Award! Seven Stars (and Stripes), are on. WVVH TV Produces 1st Global Seven Star Award Show in the Hamptons

Seven Stars (and Stripes) Awards, is a global review and rating system. The first and only rating system awarding 7 STARS, based in the affluent Hamptons of NY. The first award system that is supported by a TV Show! The Seven Stars TV Award Edition by the world –wide adored American Dream® TV Show is affiliated with the US based annual American Dream Town™ competition. The Seven Stars Academy is supported by an Advisory Board of internationally renowned experts. Only the ‘Best of the Best’ in each category are considered for the outmost, stunning award.

(PRWEB) March 6, 2005 -- The Hospitality, Airline and Product industry demanded more recognition then the often overrated existing star awards. The ultimate award is here! Seven Stars that is! Seven Stars And Stripes!

“Too many five stars our there”: the rich, famous and affluent spenders of the world will agree. Seven Stars and Stripes™ is the brain child of a young, handsome entrepreneur, connoisseur and gourmet, Thorsten Piosczyk. He is also one of the founders of the national US based American Dream Town™ competition, celebrating its fourth year. He is an expert in IT management, new market development and hospitality. Mr. Piosczyk was simply too often disappointed on his frequent travels with what he considers ‘antiquated and overrated’ hotels, airline and restaurants (awards). Seven Stars and Stripes™ is the only global award system of its kind that goes beyond, not discriminating hospitality, airlines, products, services and people. The ever advising American Dream Board is top notch, like its 7 Stars awards, featuring highly educated, affluent world travelers and US TV and Radio personalities.

The American Dream Academy© was formed in 2003 as and off-spring of the American Dream Show®, airing in the Hamptons since 1995. World Wide @ The awards are granted annually. The advisory board is contributing to the “Dismiss List” which will be released annually. Seven Stars and Stripes American Dream Awards© are found anywhere in the world, where taste matters.

All Seven Star Reviews are featured on the Tripadvisor web site with 10 Million visitors annually.

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