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ORO FINO’s Edible Gold Now Available to Consumers, Bakers, Mixologists and Restaurant Owners

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 7, 2005 -- NEI Group, Inc. is pleased to introduce an exciting new product line into the Food and Beverage Industry – ORO FINO – a uniquely produced and packaged line of 23 Karat Genuine Edible Gold products – perfect for those who want to entertain with style!

Embellishing food with Genuine Edible Gold is a centuries-old tradition that originated in the East, where it served as a symbol of hospitality and wealth. Gold on food and drink was considered a symbol of respect to honor the presence of a special guest at your table.

Until recently it was available only to the professionals. Now, with the use of the cleverly designed and packaged shakers and boxes with bamboo tweezers, every culinary devotee can easily and efficiently adorn food and beverage in their own home.

For professionals the gilding process has just become much easier! There are now options to the time-consuming single- sheet application, once considered the industry “norm”. Now, using the shakers, the garnishing process is streamlined. The box of petals with enclosed tweezers eliminates the “loss” of excess gold while adding finishing touches to foods and cocktails. Professionals can save time and money with the use of ORO FINO Genuine 23 Karat Edible Gold. Chefs are hailing these products as a “breakthrough” for their industry.

ORO FINO is imported from Italy and is available in three forms: Coarsely Ground Powder (PAGLIUZZE) for dusting food and drink; Petals (PETALI) perfect for strategically placing a piece of gold anywhere; and Gold Leaf Sheets (FOGLETTI) suitable for complete coverage of a food item.

Imagine…serving a champagne cocktail with the flute rimmed in gold, or creamy soup with Petals dancing lightly in the center as a stunning garnish; or, try laying a full sheet of gold on your next platter of Milanese Risotto. The possibilities are simply endless and your guests will be amazed by your golden-embellished creations.

Gold is actually an inert metal that simply passes through the intestinal system. Alchemists of the 15th century used gold medicinally. In Renaissance Venice, Italians actually served a sweet covered in gold at the end of lunch in order to reinforce the health of their hearts.

The Elizabethans decorated their tables with piles of gold dusted pomegranates, oranges and grapes. The Japanese artisans who gilded screens would gather up all of their little gold skewings at the end of their work day, and mix it into their sake. At a coffeehouse in the ancient Japanese capital city of Nara, patrons can order what may well be the world’s priciest jolt of java, a $350 cup of coffee made with Evian water that is heated in a gold kettle and poured through freshly ground Jamaican Blue Mountain, then dusted with GOLD and presented in a gold plated Royal Minton china cup! Today, all of this and more can be transferred to our tables with much more ease.

For consumers, ORO FINO’S Genuine 23K Edible Gold products are currently available for purchase at Sur La Table stores across the nation, through their e-commerce site at or catalog by calling 800.243.0852. The product line includes: 80 mg 23K Gold Powder Shaker-Product #406942, $21.00; 4-Pack 23K Gold Leaves-Product #406959, $25.00; and 150 mg 23K Gold Petals 23K-Product #412460, $35.00. The 1 gram 23K Gold Powder Shaker-Product #433375, $100.00 is available by special order and in select California stores.

For professionals, ORO FINO’s Genuine 23K Edible Gold products can be purchased in larger directly from NEI Group. Professional packing includes: 2 grams Gold Powder Shaker, 25 Gold Leaves and 500 mg Gold Petals. For pricing information, please contact Lynn Neuberg of the NEI Group at 323.769.4827 or e-mail her at e-mail protected from spam bots.

NEI Group in based in Los Angeles, CA and is the sole importer and distributor for all ORO FINO products in North America. To receive further information on the company and its products call 800.569.5323. Additional information and recipes using ORO FINO products can be found at a special website established by the manufacturer at

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